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Free Book, Cover Pose Winner and a Giveaway

First…A FREE Cozy Mystery – Get the book that started it all!

FREE today thru Tuesday: Pineapple Lies Book One in my Pineapple Port mystery series!  Over 600 reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 average!

Or Get Pineapple Pack! Books 1-3 $1 off

Pineapple Pack! for only $3.99! (usually $4.99 (which is already a discount over buying the first three individually…))




The Winning Photo For the New Kilty Novel (& 10 Book Winners)

Almost 450 of you cast your vote for the pose I should use on my next Kilty romantic comedy/suspense novel. WOW! I had so much fun reading all the comments – it made choosing one almost impossible because everyone had good points and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Number 1 and 4 stripped ahead pretty quickly (no pun intended), and I agonized over the two of them.

I mocked both up… (his hair looks like a Bay City Roller and her hair is red instead of black – there are ISSUES. But… to get a feel for it.)


I’m still a little torn… my books are clean though, and I’m already using a half naked dude on the cover (I take the curse off that with the taglines – I mean how dirty could a book be when it says “Passion, Intrigue, Poofy Dresses?” So…I’m 90% sure I’m going with #1.  I get that some people read that photo as him forcefully holding her, but I think her smile refutes that. And I think when I flip #4 around to keep his sexy arm in the pic, she looks a little like she’s trying to push off him and out of the cover. I don’t want my leading lady escaping!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for all your input! It was a HUGE help!

10  random names for free copies of the new book when it is released:

Marsha, Teri, Gina P, Patricia R., Callie Hoffman, Barb, Krystal, Jenny Kelly, Brenda Russell, Rosie  — I sent you separate email to let you know you won!

Amy Vansant

Amy Vansant

Author Amy Vansant enjoys long walks on the beach, anything to do with her Labradoodle Gordon and frantically getting nothing useful done.
Amy Vansant

8 Responses

  1. Tanya

    Yea!!! My favorite ☺
    I just finished your latest Pineapple Port 💛
    Do you have any plans to continue with your Slightly Stalky characters?


  2. Marsha

    That is wonderful news. I love the cover and am excited for your new book. Best of luck, always.


  3. Emily Endrizzi

    Great choice! The mirror image flip you did on number 4 took away my favorite part of that pic… the wind-swept hair. And I always thought number one was the best choice simply because of the smile.


  4. LadyMichigan

    Being snarky (:-)) it is COLD in Scotland between the kilt and no shirt he is going to freeze. Nice cover choice


  5. Terrill R.

    Bwahahaha!!! Oh my goodness, I loved the Bay City Roller’s reference. When I was in college, my car broke down and my mom had some friend who was selling their early 80’s Ford Fairmont with dealer installed 8-track player. Since this was around 1992, 8-tracks weren’t standard issue anymore. 🙂 As a joke, my friend brought over his mom’s stash of old 8-tracks and we jammed disco-style to the BAY CITY ROLLERS! Luckily, we had no shame.

    BTW, prefer #1, as well. Great choice. Keep the hair! 😉


  6. Kathryn Dean

    I would go with cover picture two. I would choose it for my book if I had a choice of covers but mine is not about the Scotish but about pirates.



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