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How to Stop Hiccups Cure

So during the course of my long and illustrious life I’ve had the hiccups quite a few times, most often at the end of a long night of cocktailing during a giggle fit more than likely brought on by something I wouldn’t have found HALF as funny a few hours earlier. For cures I’ve heard them all, from drinking water upside down, to holding your breath, to a teaspoon of sugar.

This week, however, I found the perfect hiccup cure. This time I was cocktailing with a nurse (ok boys, get your mind out of the gutter – she wasn’t wearing a white uniform with garter strap nylons…) when I got the hiccups. Totally offhandedly, my friend Katie the Nurse says, “Hold your breath and swallow three times.”

“Whatever,” I thought, as that cure sounded suspiciously like the stuff I do EVERY time I get hiccups – all of which rarely works. But without any other recourse, I held my breath and swallowed three times.

Boom. No more hiccups. Instantly cured.

The next day I got hiccups again. Tried it; worked. Later that day my husband Mike got the hiccups – he tried it – instantly worked. The day after that Mike got the hiccups again, tried it, instantly cured.

So there you have it – Best Hiccup Cure Ever:Hold your breath and swallow three times.

Amy Vansant

Amy Vansant

Author Amy Vansant enjoys long walks on the beach, anything to do with her Labradoodle Gordon and frantically getting nothing useful done.
Amy Vansant

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