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Pineapple Port 2: Pineapple Mystery Box is Here!

The second book in my Pineapple Port cozy mysteries series is here! 

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Pineapple Mystery Box!

MysteryBox-coverart-1When a giant inflatable Halloween witch goes missing, Charlotte’s eager to nab the culprit. Before she can lift a fingerprint, someone threatens to kill a new neighbor who looks like an adorable Pomeranian but possesses a disturbing talent for revenge. Moments later, a stranger demands the return a mysterious wooden box… or else.

Charlotte’s boyfriend, Declan, isn’t having a great morning either. His calculating ex-girlfriend has returned to claim she’s the rightful owner of his pawn shop. She’s livid he’s found a new lady, too.

Eh. Things could be worse. At least Charlotte doesn’t know that a mojito-swilling killer who fed his grandmother to a cat is on his way to Pineapple Port…

I’d like to immediately apologize to cat lovers for that last bit. I had the most wonderful lady tell me I needed to add more cats to my books (you know who you are, puddercat….) and I don’t think what I did is what she had in mind. Please keep in mind I didn’t feed this character’s grandmother to her cat.  HE did. I only write this stuff down, I can’t be responsible for the terrible things the bad guys do!

I promise to have a hero of a cat in the next one if it kills me!


Amy Vansant

Amy Vansant

Author Amy Vansant enjoys long walks on the beach, anything to do with her Labradoodle Gordon and frantically getting nothing useful done.
Amy Vansant

6 Responses

  1. Marilyn J. Prange

    Dear Amy, What about ‘Pineapple Meow Kitty’??? I am certain that we kitty lovers understand that what happens in your story is totally different from the way you, the writer feel about such adorable creatures? Look forward to your new adventure on my Kindle. Hope all is well and that we may see you soon. Take care,
    Marilyn (aka: puddercat)


  2. Linda Moffitt

    YEAH a new Book!!! Do You need any Free Read & Reviews 😉 I’d be delighted to do that for you 🙂
    Add your Twitter:



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