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Signs you may be a chocoholic…

Last Valentine’s my husband brought me a vodka drink in the middle of my work day. Best Valentine’s Ever. This year he decided to decorate.


Would this have anything to do with the fact that the other day I got out of bed and there was a Snickers-mini wrapper stuck to my back?

Could it be because I spent most of last weekend mixing Reeses Pieces with M&M’s until I recreated the perfect ratio to recreate a Reeses Cup?

Could it be because everytime he vacuums under the sofa cushions he finds wrappers I’ve hidden?

Could it be because he’s caught me drinking directly out of the Hershey’s syrup bottle?

Could it be because the answer to “How many chocolate iced donuts will you eat?” always ends up being “As many as you bring home?”


I think he’s just weird.

Amy Vansant

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  1. Lance

    My 2 gifts for the day of V & beej – well, you know, “that”, and a big pile of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups….she knows me well.

    that ceiling fan is brilliant
    Lance recently posted..Vertigo


  2. Jen Has A Pen

    What a romantic. I am forever waking up with napkins stuck to my body. George gets all bent out of shape because he doesn’t understand why I can’t take them to the trash after I’ve eaten an entire cake pan of chocolate cake. From bed. But hey, at least I wipe my mouth with napkins and save the sheets, right?
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  3. Abby

    Ha! I’m not that into chocolate, but he’s very wise, and sweet, even more so if he managed to dust the blades of the ceiling fan before taping the treats on there. I hate doing that. But bonus points for energy-efficient lightbulbs!
    Abby recently posted..Heart Day Haiku
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  4. David

    Tantalizing for sure. Still, my eyes were drawn to the dark chocolate mini-bar. So I’m a chocoholic but a picky one. Fun idea though – if it weren’t for the dogs in the house – might be to leave a trail of truffles leading into the bedroom. Yum.


  5. Amy B

    I would love this. Especially if it were multiplied by 5 or 10. Then it’d be like a fun game for me to see if I could beat the mice to the punch…
    Amy B recently posted..A Perfect Date


  6. David

    Oh I’m so sorry I may have miscommunicated in my comment: I wrote that “if it were NOT for the dogs in the house..” but perhaps I should have been more clear. I’m well aware that chocolate is poison to dogs, and I would never allow them to ingest chocolate. I just thought that the truffles trail might be a fun idea were it NOT for the pets in my house. OK, so now I feel rather stupid. {he leaves the room now}.


      • David

        Amy, no problem – understood. This is a great example of what I refer to as missing the conversational implicature, which is to say that in the absence of body language / social cues, we can’t tell when someone is joking with us in writing – unless we know them really well. Of course, knowing me really well is probably the first step to needing theraphy. Carry on fellow chocoholic! 😉
        David recently posted..Mad Man


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