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Skinks vs. Skanks

My brother-in-law’s family visited this weekend, and after they left, we discovered they left behind a skink in their room. How the little critter got in there, I do not know, but I think when you leave a trail of lizards in your wake, it is time to reconsider your hygiene regiment.

I posted this information on some social media sites and had some people confused as to what a “skink” was, so I made this handy visual guide:



I hope you find this helpful. If your brother-in-law leaves and you find yourself chasing a “skank” around his room trying to trap her so that you can release her into the wild, that is an entirely different problem.

Amy Vansant

Amy Vansant

Author Amy Vansant enjoys long walks on the beach, anything to do with her Labradoodle Gordon and frantically getting nothing useful done.
Amy Vansant

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