2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche Review

2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche Review:

2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche 4 out of 5 wine glasses for the money ($10-$15)


2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche (an Italian wine – duh)  is another one of our pasta wines. Wines we drink with pasta, that is. Not wines made out of pasta. Not that I wouldn’t give that a shot. It is a Cabernet – Sangiovese blend (with 10% merlot), which would make it a Super Tuscan if it was from Tuscany, but it isn’t. But it is still yummy.

2009 Fontezoppa Rosso Marche tasting notes

The Fontezoppa Rosso Marche is full bodied and has a nice note of black pepper. It has a dark berry flavor without being too berry-ish, which I hate. If I wanted jelly I’d drink Smuckers Wine (which I would also give a shot).  We usually pair with pasta but it goes well with meat and cheeses, too, and, of course, pizza. Anything red sauce/meaty. Perhaps your mother’s meatloaf with the can of tomato paste smeared on top. Fontezoppa Rosso Marche will even help you choke that down.

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