5 Things I Learned in Florida, Book Specials & Giveaways

5 Things I Learned in Florida

  1. You can see your husband’s quirks in a new light
    My husband/muse, Mike, has a lot of…let’s say idiosyncrasies. I’m used to them and they make great character tics in my novels…but in new situations I never know how they might manifest. For instance, he’s overly polite. To the point where he’s practically knocked me into traffic to make room for someone approaching from the other direction – someone he’s never met and will never meet again, and someone who probably won’t even help him shovel me off the asphalt. Between him and the 700 speeding bikers (like 10 speed, not like Hell’s Angels) it’s a miracle I survived our morning walks. He was also paranoid we’d be to loud in our condo and insisted we whisper until about noon and watch all our television at level one with the close captioning on. If you could see me listening to television sound again, it would be like watching a Hallmark special where a woman regains her hearing.
  2. Plan on expanding your house so you have room for shells
    This was day one of shell collecting —>. I had to stop looking down for fear I’d have to buy another airplane ticket and put a human shaped shell creature in it just to get them all home. I was doing pretty well until I spotted this one:I don’t even know what it is. It’s been a long time since I found a shell I hadn’t seen before. I need to Google image it…ah, found it. Paper Nautilus. Stunned I found it whole – it’s super fragile!
    And turns out, without knowing it, we also took a picture of the octopus that made that shell as an egg chamber.
  3. Sharks Schmarks
    It isn’t the fact that you’ve watched JAWS about 150 times that will keep you out of the water. It’s seeing scores of man o’ war jellyfish on the beach every morning. Here’s one with 10ft long tentacles. Snikeys!
  4. Exercise Can’t Fight Pineapple Coconut Margaritas
    No matter how far you walk on the beach every morning, it doesn’t keep you skinny when you can hear Pineapple Coconut Margaritas calling your name from every tiki bar in the area. Throw in the conch fritters and grouper sandwiches and the fact you were totally kidding yourself when you thought you’d just shop and cook like you do at home…
  5. Make sure your airplane tickets are changeable.
    Because the weather is thirty degrees warmer in Florida and you’d swim with the man o’ wars to be able to stay a few more weeks!


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12 Responses

  1. John Gunkler

    I knew immediately what kind of shell that was — it was a very pretty one, that’s what I named it. 🙂


  2. Trisha

    I got the nautilus part, but didn’t know the paper part from Bob’s my uncle, so do I get partial points? Oh well, worth a shot. I’ll be happy to go to Florida for you if you ever need a stand-in. Never been. I just live in measly old Carmel, California. ::Sigh::


  3. Janet Graham

    I keep a special collection of stuff I’ve gathered from every trip. I have little jars of sand from all over the world. I have small jars of pebbles from all over the USA. I have several boxes of shells from the Pacific coast and one each from the Gulf coast and the Atlantic coast. These are as precious to me as photo albums are to others.
    My special specimens are on display. Your Paper Nautilus could go in a shadow box display and hopefully not be a dog toy (mine love the smells that I thought I had washed out). My most special display is an arrowhead that I found in my very own corral.


  4. Monica

    Your e-mail itself is the beginning of a great story especially since your husband Mike and my husband Mike sound the same and so do we!


  5. Diana

    Oh Amy, I’m surprised you came back home at all. Coconut Margaritas?! Yummm!
    I’m from the North East coast of Florida, I swore if I ever was able to talk my hubby in to moving that was where we were settling. I’m currently being held captive here in the Midwest, due to said hubby. He’s warm-blooded so my chances are slim…I may have to resort to leeches at night while he sleeps or some other drastic measure to make this happen. I’ve withheld beef from our diet thinking it might cause anemia but so far, no luck! Lol (This IS a joke! I don’t want to be carted off by some government agency for spousal abuse for withholding beef!)
    I feel your pain on the politeness front…I’ve had restaurant doors slap me in the back, elevator doors close before I got on, been tripped trying to get out of the way of Sir Galahad being helpful to OTHERS, etc. You get the picture. I’ll help scrape you off the pavement if you’ll do the same for me.
    But you’re right, those darn jellyfish are a nuisance. And Red Tide is a problem too. Scientists prefer the term ‘harmful algal bloom’ but it’s still a pain in the keister when you can’t go in the water. ☹
    Glad it was you who found the octopus…now you’re talking alien creatures from the deep!
    Hope you get to go back sometime soon. Pick up a shell to remember your trip by…doesn’t appear you have very many! Haha!


  6. Lee

    Very cool pictures, Amy! I have the same problem when I go to the beach. My husband teases me about my shell collecting, but when it’s time to go home, he always makes sure my shells are safely packed. I love the octopus pic and paper nautilus. I’ve never seen either of these myself. Great finds!


  7. Jolene

    Number one reminds me of my SO he constantly telling me to stop yelling in our apartment. We’ve been together five years, he should know that my voice is naturally loud by now.


  8. Clif Bradley

    It’s funny to see the tourist things like collecting shells. We live here and the shells are everywhere. We throw them away as detritus from our trips. I would keep the nautilus though. They are not easy to find and finding a whole one, I I’ve lived here 43 years and have never found one! You are fortunate.
    Glad you didn’t touch the man o’war. When I was in my teens and a lifeguard, at least 5 times a day we had to treat people for jellyfish stings because for some reason they thought it was dead, the stingers died too. They don’t. Other calls were for stingrays. If you come in the summer, learn the stingray shuffle. It will save you a lot of pain and money. No ER trips.



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