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2 Responses

  1. Angelika

    I used to take peanut butter & jelly, cheetos & a Capri Sun to school every day. Over the years, my mother tried to get me to take something else like turkey or leftover chicken, but I was stuck in my ways.


    Oh.My.Gawd. Were his parents hippies? Maybe they were trying to give him great self confidence? I read that Prince’s (TAFKAP, His Purple Badness) sister named her sons Sir and President because she said that people would have to call her black sons by respectful names or some such crap.


    I’d never heard that one before…


    • Amy Vansant

      Seems like it can go one of two ways. Either he IS a winner, in which case all is well. OR, he’s a loser, and then people can’t say the name without sarcasm. It’s quite a gamble for the parents to take. His brother and sister also had names starting with “W” so I’d like to say they just ran out of “W” names, but he was the first boy. I guess the youngest boy should just be glad his name isn’t “Wizzbang” or “Wonderful” or “WickedAwesome.”