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Your Moment of Archer

We bought Archer some stuff for the backyard, namely some sunglasses (which he doesn’t LOVE but was more tolerant than we suspected) and a swimming vest, so he feels a little less nervous in the pool, which seemed to work very well!

After his swims, he shoots right for the shower, because he LOVES SHOWERS. I’m coming to terms with the fact I won’t have a relaxing shower for another twelve to fifteen years. (Though I’d happily never have a relaxing shower again if dogs could live forever…)

We discovered this love of being pelted with water extends to storms. We had a rain/hail storm yesterday, and he refused to come in… even after the storm rose up and tried to kill him with a piddle pad. (Our thought was, on rainy days, he could use that patch of fake grass under the overhang. Turns out, totally unnecessary…)


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Kilty Mind: A Time-Travel Urban Fantasy Romantic Thriller with a Killer Sense of Humor (Kilty Series Book 3) Amy Vansant 99c TOMORROW!

USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Amy Vansant delivers more fast-paced thrills and crackling wit as the Highlander and the Hollywood fixer fall even more in love during a movie studio crisis…

Time-tossed Highlander Brochan doesn’t get a moment to recover from his latest wounds before he and Catriona discover one of Parasol Picture’s biggest stars has been accused of murder. It will be hard for the actor to beat the charge…the body was found under his house.

When another studio asset is dosed with drugs that send him into a near-fatal frenzy, the fixers have to wonder if someone is out to destroy Parasol. It doesn’t help that Catriona’s nefarious sister, Fiona, has moved even closer to the studio and seems inextricably tied to Parasol’s problems.

Brochan and Catriona could find solace in each other, but Brochan wants to get married before they hop into his kip and Cat thinks he needs to embrace the twenty-first century. Though on the upside, Broch says her hand in marriage is worth at least four cows…

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Ann Charles and Jana DeLeon will delight to find a series that provides thrills, a few chills, mystery, a bit of romance and a good dose of humor.

Holly & the Cyberbully: A Holly Lewis Mystery (The Holly Lewis Mystery Series Book 11) Dianne Harman  NEW RELEASE!

If students are afraid to look at their phones when they receive a text message, it means one thing. There’s a cyberbully on the loose.

Do you remember the old playground bully from elementary school? The one you tried to avoid at all costs? Well, cyberbullying takes that kind of conduct to a whole new level. Holly’s afraid her friend, Levi, is being targeted by one, however, she can’t get him to admit it, even though it’s clear from his behavior that something is very wrong.This book is about bullying issues that your child, your grandchild, or even you may have had to deal with when you were a teenager, only on a very modern level. It’s a book for the young and the young-at-heart, written by a USA Today Bestselling Author.


Fiona Figg Mystery #1 is $2.99 on Chirp for a LIMITED TIME!

Fans of Jacqueline Winspear will love this riveting historical mystery! When Fiona becomes a British spy during World War I, her hunt for a traitor turns into a search for a murderer at sprawling Ravenswick Abbey… Does she have what it takes to catch a killer?

Strawberry Short-dead (Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Book 13) Chelsea Thomas NEW RELEASE!

Something is berry wrong in Pine Grove.

There’s nothing more summery than wandering through a local farm, picking your own berries… But what happens when a famous newspaper critic insults the farm and winds up dead in a pile of strawberries?

Pine Grove is a welcoming town. Visitors come from all over to see friendly faces, eat great pie, and sit in rocking chairs on porches. But some visitors are snobs…

…and sometimes snobs get murdered.

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  1. Donna

    I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of your books, anxiously waiting the next. Especially, every time I find out a new one is coming out.



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