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Final Pineapple Lies Cover Vote!

Thanks to all your help I have a new cover for Kilty as Charged, too! Now I have to rework the Kilty Conscience…  but in the meantime Kilty as Charged is looking good and it is 99c/Kindle Unlimited too! 

Now for Pineapple Lies’ Final Vote! My artist has sent me final redesign versions of Pineapple Lies! If you were one of the people who didn’t like the skull, know I did my best to make him less threatening, but in the end, loved it too much to abandon it. I think he shows the balance between humor and thrills! But now I need to know which version I should use. TEETH, OPEN-MOUTH SMILE, LINE. This guy will probably end up being a bit of a mascot, showing up on every cover in one way or another. For instance, for Pineapple Puzzles, he’ll probably be smiling from the mouth of a gator!

The poll for voting is beneath the three examples below – Please vote! And if you have any other comments feel free to leave them in the comment section at the bottom or email me at amy@amyvansant.com. Thank you!!

TEETH (Classic skull but the shades say “I’m cool, don’t be scared.”)

OPEN SMILE (making him even less threatening)

Line (I mocked this one up but could have him do it neater…)


Now Vote! You can vote for more than one if you like a couple.

Which Pineapple Face Do You Like Best?

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Big Kindle Giveaway!


New Release! Creme Brulee to Slay –  99c for a limited time! Kindle Unlimited too!

Georgie Tanner’s excitement to be part of her historic town’s annual Franco-American commemorative charity event, but fun turns to tragedy when Gainesville’s least favorite resident drops dead at the party. In the chaos that follows the town harpy’s death, a priceless heirloom goes missing—the sword George Washington gave to the war hero who detained Benedict Arnold.

While Georgie is always ready to help her town solve a mystery, this one turns personal when someone suspects that Georgie may have been the one to serve the toxic dish! She must identify the culprit before she becomes the primary suspect… although as the investigation progresses, it’s not long before being a murder suspect is the least of her worries.

Murder at the Gallery – New Release – Kindle Unlimited too!
When Philippe Germain, the owner of a prestigious Seattle art gallery, woke up, he didn’t know he’d be dead in a few hours.

Do you have a photographic memory? What would you do if you were in Provence, France, and happened to see the same painting for sale by the same artist that your best friend had just bought from a gallery in Seattle? That’s DeeDee’s predicament. Join her, along with her significant other, Jake, a private detective, and her husky dog, Balto, as they search for the murderer of a well-respected Pioneer Square art dealer, but did he have secrets? There’s no lack of suspects. This is the sixth book in the Northwest Cozy Mystery Series by USA Today and Amazon Chart #1 Bestselling Author, Dianne Harman. You can enjoy this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Start Date: 03-09-2018End Date: 03-16-2018

Flo Charts (Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries)

By Sam Cheever

Usual Price: 1.99 Sale: FREE

An array of fun and quirky characters, and a murder that’ll keep you on your toes.

Two people are dead in an apparent attempt to hide a scam that would definitely bring Big Brother down on the killer like a ton of pig poop.

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11 Responses

  1. Jennifer Wilson

    I like the teeth one the best (I voted) but I still think the cover needs something. how about abby sitting under the skull with a pair of sunglasses herself. Too cool for school like.


  2. Shirley Loges

    I love Irish mysteries, but I think I have only read 1-2 mysteries ever set in Scotland. Not sure why that is the case as Scotland has some great old castles and customs. Thus said, I am looking forward to another Scottish mystery.


    • Judith Anderson

      To answer the reader who likes mysteries set in Scotland, have you read the Hamish Macbeth series by M.F. Beaton? There are even three seasons of a BBC series based on these.

      Re the cover, I have always loved the top one.

      The open mouth is not less threatening to me. It has an I’m going to chomp down on you vibe.


  3. Trisha

    The only thing is, he’s starting to look like Geoff Peterson, the Robot Skeleton Sidekick on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, but still, it’s only one cover so there probably wouldn’t be a problem with that. As a famous man once said, you can please some people some of the time… Good job!


  4. Liz

    I think it should be consistent with the previous covers. I like that look over the pineapple-skull.


  5. Emma

    I’m not sure the illustration style says “cozy mystery” to me, but voted teeth. I think the lower text and background clash and make it hard to read – the leaves and the gritty yellow font are really fighting for attention. Mr Skull is also really blending into the background color. There’s likely a way to make the concept work, but I’m not sure this style really stands out as-is. Sorry!


  6. Kimber

    “Teeth” is perfect. Adult, but clearly says ‘fun read’.


  7. Kit

    Any of the pineapple skull designs part of the cover are OK as far as what the skull looks like. I do not find skulls particularly scary or interesting, but I do like the pineapple skull concept.

    What I do not like is a cover with no cute dogs and no cute girls. Play put an interesting person or animal in the picture. Maybe I should not discriminate against fruit and foliage, but I find animals much more interesting than plants. I cannot imagine any person who had never read other books in the series picking up a book with that cover. I assume that you still want new readers. I have been gradually being tempted by your old covers to the series, even though at first I was amused but not convinced yet by the early covers. This cover? Totally boring! Cannot imagine even wondering why the cover was chosen or what the book is about.


  8. Tanya

    I still like the old covers, but since you’re going with this skull version, I voted for the one with teeth.
    I agree with another reader that the font with “Pineapple Port” tends to get lost a bit in the yellow orange background. Perhaps a thicker black stroke around the font might do the trick.
    Then again, this is the first stage so who knows what the final will look like, right? Your graphic artist may have that planned.


  9. judy

    I went ahead and voted for one against my better judgement. You already made it clear that it had to be a skull so it was pointless to do a no vote. I think it’s a HUGE mistake to lose the dog since several readers myself included said that was what caught our eyes and stop to find out more about the book. Several people have animals on the cover that are real in appearance not so much a cartoon that others thought was a problem. But if I was looking through covers and only see this skull…it would be a pass for me. You said you were going to insist on putting it on every cover so put the dog back in. I think you might be surprised to find out just how many people have the book a chance because of the dog.


  10. judy

    That was supposed to be …just how many people gave the book a chance because of the dog.
    And I have to wonder if u r reading these comments because the dog opinion seems to be prevelant



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