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11 Responses

  1. Sherri

    Didn’t Kenny (Barf) – G play a Clarinet? But i’ll never forget the sweaty sexy hunk from The Lost Boys.


  2. Name (Required)

    I’ve often said that I wish I had a saxaphone player to follow me around to really highlight the poignent moments of my life.
    Also one of my favorite Seinfelt episodes is the “hot & heavy” one with Elaine & the Sax player. Classic.


      • Tracy

        I coulda got a falcon! That makes me laugh every time.

        This post is impressive. I have a pretty good memory RE: 80s music, but my mental catalogue doesn’t include whether sax was involved.


  3. Jessica

    Granted I was merely a *child* of the 80’s – I was that little kid on the leash at the mall, with the 2-tone folded-over socks, the bike shorts, and the massive shoelace and/or balloon hairbow. I was always jealous of you 80’s people for whose hair there was never such a thing as “too big”, or eyeliner “too much” (though the sight of neon harem pants in target leads me to believe there is hope for me yet).

    …but good god do I remember some Kenny G. I always got him confused with Micheal Bolton because of the hair.

    Love your blog!


  4. lafemmeroar

    I loved reading this post as it brought up so many memories. I played the flute in my high school band. Our band sucked, and people booed us, but we had an awesome saxophonist. When his solo came up people stopped and listened, then they went back to booing when the rest of “us” chimed in. Memories …