A Screaming Bobcat, Another Free Book, Giveaway, Steals & Deals!

Backyard Camera – DAY ONE – Screaming Bobcat!

Mike and I finally got around to adding a back yard camera to our Nest system and the very first night we heard the most ear-shattering wailing coming from just outside our bedroom. We both shot up and then remembered we had a camera there now! Turns out it was a whiny bobcat strolling through our back yard. Who  knew they wailed like that??

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Cupids and Crooks

By Laina Turner

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Can Presley finally relax and enjoy a surprise vacation with Cooper, or will murder derail her fun in the sun?

Presley is thrilled when Cooper surprises her with a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas. Presley’s agenda of no work and al

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6 Responses

  1. Deana Connelly

    I love finding out about new authors, their story lines and meeting new characters


  2. Robin ELIZABETH Gardner

    Foxes make a scary keening sound too. We have some around our school playground and I see them very early in the morning.


    • Whelan Maria L

      The bobcat did not sound at all as I had imagined. In my area (suburban Chicago) we don’t have bobcats, but we do have lots of coyotes and some foxes.


  3. Lee

    I didn’t think “Bobcats” had much of a tail, hence the name bobcat.


  4. Victoria LK Williams

    Very cool. I have a possum that hangs in the tree outside my window. Image looking out late at night and seeing those beading eyes staring back at you! Hopefully, you’ll catch a lot more “action” on your camera.


  5. Lisa

    Here in Ohio our bobcat cry like a baby. So was weird hearing a coyette sounding one.



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