A special sale, karma attacks me & another giveaway

bb-pmbSale! Get approximately 100 laughs* for 99¢

First – I’m running a rare sale especially for all my new followers (but everyone gets to benefit!) –  Pineapple Mystery Box – book two in my Pineapple Port mystery series is 99¢! So if you’ve only read Pineapple Lies – here’s the time to grab #2! (Pineapple Lies is now permanently 99¢ too!)

And here’s the part where you get to make fun of me:

I believe in karma for a few reasons.

  1. I like the idea that people who do bad things get their comeuppance.
  2. It makes me feel less frustrated when I feel I’ve been wronged if I walk away confident that the next bite of bread that person takes will be covered with mold but they won’t realize it until too late! Ah ha! Bet you’re sorry you took my parking spot now!!
  3. I get to be my own personal karma when I slip “suspect” things into my husband’s diet when he’s been a pain.
  4. And I believe because every time I try to sneak something by old karma, she tackles me like a front lineman.

Here’s the latest example of #4. I was in the food store when I saw a man smack into a display and send refrigerated pasta and a smattering of hummus tubs skittering across the ground. The best part was watching him try and juggle a few before they fell.

I giggled. Quietly. To myself.

I realized too late that I had passed judgement on this goofball, er, I mean, composure-challenged fellow. I knew my time was nigh. I’m the klutziest person ever, and for me to take any amusement from another spaz – it didn’t bode well.

It took until I reached the parking lot for Karma to exact her revenge. While pushing my cart to my car, the plastic bag of bananas fell out of my cart on to the ground and I stepped on it. I felt the squish but I had not seen the bag fall, so I freaked out. Stepping on a banana when you didn’t know you were about to step on a banana is highly unsettling. Like, horror movie unsettling.

I finished my freak-out dance, tried to ignore the large group of people staring at me, picked up my smooshed fruit and with a sheepish grin, scurried to my car with banana paste oozing through my fingers.

Later, when it hit me that the incident might make a nice blog, I immediately fumbled my phone, spiked it to the ground while trying to catch it, and then poured my drink on it as I bent over to retrieve it.

Karma doesn’t like it when you circumvent punishment by turning it into fun blog post.

Finally – this week’s giveaway!

Win Up To 19 Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novels!

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*could be as many as 112 laughs

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10 Responses

  1. Gale S.

    Does laughing uncontrollably tell karma I’M scoffing??? Hope not! Thanks for the laugh.


  2. Cindy M

    Wow, we must be kindred sisters! Have to admit though, we do provide ourselves with our own unique brand of entertainment!!


  3. Sarah F

    I did not laugh at your misfortune in the whatwecallgrocerystoreyoucallfoodstore. I’m too klutzy and can’t afford the bad karma. I’ll cover all bases and say that I didn’t enjoy this blog post, either. I will admit that I like how you use big words. Like circumvent. And juggle.



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