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4 Responses

  1. Abby

    1. I would much rather dogsit than babysit, if only because dog’s don’t try and convince me that Justin Bieber is dreamy and know how to reprogram things I never knew how to program in the first place.

    2. Chuck E. Cheese can make subpar martinis because they know you will pay $20 for a drop of liquor after five minutes there.

    3. They’re lucky they missed out on the maggots.


  2. Amy Vansant

    1.That same pole dancing niece just showed up the other day with Justin B – tee, sweats, jewelry and pajamas. I had more respect for her as a pole dancer…

    2. There are standing orders to the sharpshooter I hire to follow me around, to take me out if I get anywhere near the door of a Chuck E. Cheese.

    3. Just can’t let the maggots, go, can you?? 😉


  3. Abby

    3) No. Sigh. Only because I actually had some myself last weekend and was forced to revel in that irony (and enlist my stepdad to deal with the horror.) It was the first time EVER at my house and it immediately followed your post… 😉


  4. ImAndreaandYoureNot

    Enjoy every minute of your Auntdom! Those kids will look back and appreciate it. I used to be a cool aunt…but then I had 4 kids. No going back for me. One day I’ll make more time for my 15 nieces and nephews….and maybe then I’ll even cook gourmet, run a marathon, own a dog, learn Japanese, be a princess.