Angeli – the Contemporary Fantasy Humor Romantic Adventure NEEDS BOOK COVER HELP

I wrote a novel, but I need your help. Looking for cover advice/input/creation.


If you like fun romantic adventures with a bit of fantasy in them what sort of covers attract you? Do you like to see people? Something dark and dramatic? Something that demonstrates that it is fun and funny?

I don’t want it to look too cheesy romance – because it isn’t a someone-is-thrusting-every-5-seconds romance. It’s not a bodice-ripper. (though I think she rips a dude’s shirt off at some point… hm…)

It’s like a Charlaine Harris-Sookie Stackhouse novel without the vampires. Some sex, but sex isn’t the ONLY reason.

Here’s the short intro to Angeli to give you a feel for it…

Angeli: The Pirate, The Angel & The Irishman

What if your guardian angel wanted to kill you?


This is totally a mock up idea. Not a real cover. Though if Christina Hendricks would like to pose for my cover I’d be cool with that.

Legendary female pirate Anne Bonny is alive and swashbuckling her way through the 21st century as a Sentinel, a soldier for mankind’s mysterious guardians, the Angeli.   Life as a pirate was easy compared to Anne’s duties with the beautiful and powerful Angeli.  Anne will live 1000 years with enhanced strength and stamina, but in return, she’ll be at the Angeli’s beck and call. Her mission: to hunt Perfidians, corrupted Angeli who draw the energy they need to survive by draining and killing humans.

Anne’s romantic life is also supernaturally complicated. Her fellow Sentinel and lover, Con Carey, lost his corporeal body after a battle with a particularly nasty Perfidian. Now Con can only visit her by possessing the bodies of humans, which, with his wicked sense of humor, can be embarrassing. During Con’s physical absence, Anne’s romance with the fastidious and powerful Arch Angel Michael has intensified, much to Con’s chagrin. 

Now this unusual love triangle must work together to defeat Seth, the most powerful Angelus to ever fall victim to Perfidia.

With more and more humans dying at the hands of corrupted Angeli, can the mystical bond between Angeli and humans ever be repaired?

Will Con ever get his body back and stop possessing people just to get a taste of whiskey?

Will Anne’s assistant ever stop listening to that damn 80s dance music? 

And so on…


So here is a rough mock up. Obviously I can’t really use Christina Hendricks and possibly Beckham and whoever this other handsome dude that I am really digging is on the cover, but I was  thinking an artist rendering…

The Angel, is a slick, rich, businessman looking type. He’s very exacting. The Irishman is more rough looking, a scamp. The Pirate is the girl they fight over. I picture her busty and strawberry blonde, like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men only less red-headed.

My idea for the cover is for her to be in the middle, maybe waist-up so you can see her hands are on her hips, looking forward but rolling her eyes because the dudes are fighting over her. She could be dressed like a pirate. With a soft white bodice and leather vest type look (though she doesn’t trot around modern day like that and again, don’t want to get too cheesy).

In front of her, I pictured a side view of the two very different handsome men, staring at each other kind of angry – the Angel in a cool disdainful way and the Irishman in a more bare-knuckle boxer way.

What do you think? Help me book readers! HEEEELP ME!!


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  1. Katie

    That sounds absolutely perfect- I’d go for having the men’s profiled faces just coming into shot on either side, and definitely some kind of hand-on-hip, sassy-eyebrowed look going on for the buxom wench in the middle. Perhaps also with her holding/using a weapon of some sort but to do something surprisingly lady-like; like a dagger holding up her hair. Anyway, whenever this is published, I am going to DEVOUR it. xxx


  2. Amy Vansant

    Oh THANK YOU SO MUCH! That’s great input – Anne’s super good with blades of all sorts (swords, throwing knives) so I was thinking of having a knife in her hand, but a knife holding up her hair is brilliant!!


  3. Sarcastic Ninja

    I could scare up some artwork ideas, but I don’t think you’d like them…

    I do like Katie’s idea! She could even have a geisha-style updo with a variety of blades holding things in place (that works with a pirate look, right…?).

    Congrats on writing the novel! I look forward to checking it out. And I would also like to know who the gentleman on the right is…


    • Amy Vansant

      Yeah, probably what the cover is missing is an encephalitic demon baby…

      But regarding the gentleman on the right… he’s a stock photography shot but DAMN.



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