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Culinary Ingenuity vs. Presentation

I had my parents over for dinner last week and decided to make “brie bites” as appetizer. Lovely aren’t they?

<—- Yeah, those aren’t mine.

The problem started when the food store didn’t have those cute little Phyllo dough cups, so I bought a regular old roll of Phyllo dough. Giant crinkly sheets of the stuff.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how utterly impossible it would be to make little cups out of a material akin to what I imagine the original Declaration of Independence feels like when crumpled in your hand.

I improvised. Laid out 12 sheets or so on a cookie sheet for a base and then thought… wow, the cups have edges for a reason… to keep the pepper jelly and brie from melting into a giant pool of candied pepper goop. 

So I built little Great Walls of Phyllo between plops of pepper jelly using strips of the Declaration of Independence. A little like thinking you can hold back a flood with a Post-It Note.

That’s about when my mother entered the kitchen to investigate the cursing and told me I probably should have brushed melted butter between each of the sheets in my base.

Hm. Now you tell me. I told her I’d pour melted butter all over the whole thing and it would soak through. She said this was ill advised and not to do it. So I waited until she left the room and poured butter over the whole thing.

Then I baked it. Turns out “7-8 Minutes or until brown” really means “an hour” when you use the “remix” version of the recipe I’d invented. And here you go.

Eat your heart out Martha Stewart.

When I cut them up into squares they still looked like bandaged train wreck victims, but they tasted good, so that’s all that matters, right? Though if you got a little too much of the dry edges in your mouth, you  looked like a mummy coughing dust while trying to choke them down.

Here’s the REAL recipe if you think you can do better (and I’m sure you can…)

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11 Responses

  1. Vivian Latimer

    I too, hate it when the grocery store doesn’t have the already made phyllo cups to use for an appetizer, but Have never tried your method….don’t think I will either. Thanks for letting us know what NOT to do.


  2. Kandice

    Another option is to put the squares into mini or regular muffin tins. Then you get little cups and don’t need the Great Wall.


  3. Judith Anderson

    Laughing. Remembering for some reason the first time I had my in-laws to diner and made beef stroganoff.

    My father-in-law looked him suspiciously and demanded to know what it wsx, so I answered ‘Russian stew”.

    The next day my mother-in-law called to say I had made them sick and they only liked good old fashioned American food.

    Guess why I didn’t invite them to dinner again?


  4. Gale S.

    THANK YOU for a wonderful laugh today! I think you improvised wonderfully…until, of course, you mucked with your mother’s advice. (Trust me, I’ve done it myself, and watched her shake her head afterwards.) 🙂


  5. Kimberley

    This is tooo funny! That’s why I try very hard not to cook “cute”


  6. Natalie

    In the future, if you want to do this and can’t find the phyllo cups. Get puff pastry, cut the Brie in the middle like a sandwich. Spread the jam and put the other half of cheese on top. Put cheese in the center of the puff pastry and fold, seal with an egg wash. Put in the over 350°F for about 20-30 minutes and serve with fruit and crackers.


  7. Jane W Ballard

    I laughed so hard over “bandaged train wreck victims” that my dog woke up! Thanks for sharing this with us!


  8. Tonia

    Your description of your baking was so perfect. Guess it’s going to be frozen appetizers for me.



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