Archer Loves Pool – 2 Mystery Giveaways

Someone get my dog out of the pool…

We’ve been playing with Archer in the pool and now it’s all he wants to do.  He won’t leave the step unless we make him – loves sitting more than actually swimming. But he WILL swim if pushed. Literally.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the day swimming out to fetch a tennis ball, grabbing it in my teeth, and swimming it back to Mike to show him (Archer, not Mike) swimming is fun… but all he really wants to do is this:

Let him out to go to the bathroom? Pool.

Follows us outside to water plants? Pool.

Get’s bored in the house? Asks to go out so he can stare at Pool.

We had to put chairs in front of the steps to keep him out, though I’m sure it won’t be long until he’s flinging himself off the side.

He climbs on the floaty chair when it’s sitting on the side of the pool and waits for me to push it in so he can float around.

Makes me launch him like a ship. 

I have to put sunblock on his nose, though, to protect a little pink spot he has on top.

When he’s not in the pool, he’s bringing us gifts so we’ll let him to the pool… Like entire palm fronds… Though when it comes to pets gifting dead things, I’ll take the palm!

Well, at least I can take a relaxing shower…



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9 Responses

    • Susy Szymula

      Next thing you know, he will be wanting you to fill the cup holders on the floaty chair with treats.


  1. Anne Harris

    That was so cute! I watched both videos, and the shower video is hysterical!!! He sure does love his water!


  2. Joanne Nugent

    Love your puppy! He is adorable and a little waterlogged. My miniature pitchers would jump in the tub to help me relax.


  3. Sue

    Archie is so darn cute and funny. My Dalmatian loved to lie on the step to cool off.
    If Archie ever has puppies, I want one!


  4. Wanda

    He is too adorable! He’s a smart puppy, the water is probably cooler especially living in Florida. Why didn’t you open the shower door and let him in? LOL I used to have a Maine Coon cat that would meow and meow at the bathroom door until someone let him in and then he would jump into the bathtub with me. I was a bit shocked the first time he did it, as I always assumed that cats hated water.
    If Archer hates to be sprayed in his face, he won’t beg to get into the shower ever again.


  5. Candis Reinoehl

    Soon he’ll be filling those cup holders with a milkbone milkshake


  6. Linda

    You are by far the funniest writer I’ve read.please keep them coming. Thank you for keeping me sane.



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