Awesome Pizza, New Covers, Pineapple & Kilty Sales & more ways to win books!

The Best Pizza…Sans Dough

Isn’t it gorgeous? I took the old “stuffed crust” pizza one notch up and made my whole crust out of cheese!  I’ve been Keto-ish for about a year and a half now so finding solutions for bread is a big deal for me, so this keto pizza really solved some problems. The best part about it, before you roll your eyes at the word Keto, is that Mike is NOT Keto and he made himself a normal pizza when I made this one… and he liked mine a lot better! Ha! Score one for Keto!

Here’s what I did:

1 1/2 cup shredded Italian cheeses (one of those mixed bags with mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone) or you can just use Mozzarella…
2 tbsp cream cheese
2 eggs
1/3 cup almond flour

You can see why this is so good now…

I threw all of the above into my little food processor and mixed into a loose dough and then spread it around a nonstick pizza tray (you can use a cookie tray or whatever.) Then I just put some extra cheese on top (why not?) and sliced pepperoni. Baked it at 350 degrees for about twelve minutes and YUM. Give it a try!

It goes in the refrigerator well and makes a great snack the next day. Especially torn up and thrown on a salad like a really fancy crouton…

The Kilty books got new covers! (well, the first three…)

What do you think? I did them myself this time so be careful what you say. LOL! I wanted them to look a little more “urban fantasy” so when readers got to the later books, which lean a little more in that direction, they weren’t shocked. I never really liked the cover of #1 and I don’t think most people liked #3 with the creepy doll lady on it, so I think this is an improvement…

Kilty As Charged: Time Travel Urban Fantasy Thriller with a Killer Sense of Humor (Kilty Series Book 1) Kilty Conscience: Time-Travel Urban Fantasy Thrillers with a Killer Sense of Humor (Kilty Series Book 2)Kilty Mind: A Time-Travel Urban Fantasy Romantic Thriller with a Killer Sense of Humor (Kilty Series Book 3)

You can see them all here… first book 99c and last book currently FREE!


First…Pineapple Puppies is 99c!

Someone has left puppies on the doorsteps of Pineapple Port’s residents, but the adorable balls of fur seem to be connected to the murder of a nearby millionaire with too many heirs of his own. Meanwhile, Mariska’s been framed for baking a killer cake, and Charlotte must clear her name.

Next, speaking of puppies…you can win a bunch of books featuring dogs or other pets!

(2) Winners of eBook “Gift Baskets of ALL books pictured!
(20+) Winners of individual ebooks or paperbacks
(randomly selected)

And get a whole bunch more Cozy Mysteries for 99c here!

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4 Responses

  1. Marcia

    Sounds like the kind of books I will love. Can’t wait to start reading them!


  2. Debby Mayabb

    That pizza sounds delish! I will be trying it soon. I love the new covers so much more than the originals.
    Thanks for the opportunity to sign up for the give away. Maybe I will get lucky!

    Your fan,


  3. JMarie

    I am going to start out with the fact that I am a cheese lover. I do not think that I would like to have that much cheese at one time. Especially since I have been diagnosed to be a non dairy products. I really do not like the nondairy cheeses so that would kill having any cheese pizza. Not only that I lllloovvee my pizza crust/bread especially when it is right out of the oven. Was married to an Italian that loved to cook and boy did he cook, that along with many other things. He was my joy.



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