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4 Responses

  1. Crystal

    That Pizza looks yummy. I entered that pet book giveaway. Hope I win. Like your covers.


  2. Marcia

    Sounds like the kind of books I will love. Can’t wait to start reading them!


  3. Debby Mayabb

    That pizza sounds delish! I will be trying it soon. I love the new covers so much more than the originals.
    Thanks for the opportunity to sign up for the give away. Maybe I will get lucky!

    Your fan,


  4. JMarie

    I am going to start out with the fact that I am a cheese lover. I do not think that I would like to have that much cheese at one time. Especially since I have been diagnosed to be a non dairy products. I really do not like the nondairy cheeses so that would kill having any cheese pizza. Not only that I lllloovvee my pizza crust/bread especially when it is right out of the oven. Was married to an Italian that loved to cook and boy did he cook, that along with many other things. He was my joy.