Black Chalkboard Contact Paper Happy Fun Time

A little black chalkboard fun.

black chalkboardMike and I had been talking about hanging a black chalkboard above the dog’s food area. I don’t know why. I can trace very little of what we talk about back to coherent discussions. But then black chalkboard contact paper showed up; Mike found it online and ordered it.

So now, just above the dog’s bowl, we’ve created a little black chalkboard spot to have him say stupid things and pretend his food is more interesting than 3% rat hair.

Black Chalkboard Contact Paper

The black chalkboard contact paper doesn’t really stick to the wall and is easily removed. And it has the extra bonus of making our kitchen look like a bistro!

Here’s a link to the stuff we bought on Amazon if you want to create your own:

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8 Responses

  1. Cadry

    If there’s something that Gordon and I have in common, it’s definitely our mutual love of tacos and cervezas.


  2. Beduwen

    What a great idea! Reminds me I bought a can of “Chalkboard Paint” oh, maybe 10 years ago. I was going to paint a wall in my kid’s room with it. I wonder what happened to it.


  3. Jen Anderson

    Doesn’t really stick to the wall? Sounds like an apartment renter’s dream! I just may absolutely have to have this.


    • Amy Vansant

      Luckily for me my dog is both pretty much just a big scribble to draw, AND he looks a lot like my dog as a kid, so I had a lot of practice.


  4. Damien

    The university where I teach still uses blackboards, which means that no part of my body has been properly hydrated since 2008. This post gave me convulsions! And oddly desiring Corona.



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