Blonde Pickup Sticks

I could try and blame it on the cold medicine I was taking at the time, but I think I skipped that day. Looking back on it, I realize now it was a willful act of defiance, and I got what I deserved.

The Challenge:

Two boxes of angel hair pasta; both half full, both opened. The open end of the bottom box was on the right. The box sitting on top of it was opened to the left.

There were choices to be made. Sure, all I had to do was turn one of the boxes around and point both opened ends towards the sky. But, instead, I made a conscious decision not to do this. “I can pick both up and take them to the closet without spilling them!” I thought. It would be a balancing act. Tilt one way or the other and DISASTER! But not me. I’m a pasta Wallenda. I can do it.

Never mind that even if I had made it, the pasta in the closet would have been perfectly arranged for some future disaster.

I’m an idiot.


The pasta in the top box started tilting towards the counter. Little sticks of nummy happiness began to slide out.  I thought, no biggie… I’ll just push it back into the box… BY TILTING THE OTHER WAY.

That’s when the pasta in the bottom box of pasta slid to the floor and created this…


…which I carefully picked up and sat on my dining room table to use as a centerpiece. It is fully locked together and a foot tall. Don’t ask why there are starfish.

From hubris, comes art. Or, as my mother called it, “Blonde Pickup-Sticks.”


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Amy Vansant

4 Responses

  1. Sarcastic Ninja

    I am pretty sure that you could sell that for hundreds of dollars to a modern art aficionado. Just say that it represents the hundreds of conflicting demands of modern society, information piercing from all directions into a morass of data, all ready to collapse into a structureless, incomprehensible puddle with the application of hot water for 8-10 minutes.


    • Amy Vansant

      That could totally work. It was actually very cool – it made me sad to dismantle it and put it back in the box, but ultimately, I love pasta more than art.



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