BookBub the Siamese Fighting Fish is a titan when it comes to book promotion. If you’re a reader, you probably receive their promotional emails, which help readers find top notch books for free or discounted prices. (If you’re not a member, you should definitely sign up and get your free books!)

If you’re an author, getting on BookBub can make a huge difference in your sales. They also have a newsletter/blog for authors containing all sorts of handy tips.

All that being considered, I should be forgiven for promising BookBub that I would name my first born “BookBub” if they’d accept my novel Pineapple Lies for a campaign. Problem is, they did accept it and…well… no kid.  I felt bad. They’d probably already passed a can around the BookBub offices, collecting funds to help Lil’ BookBub afford college. They’re awesome like that.

So. I was in a quandary. What could I do to make good my promise?

Problem solved.

BAM! Meet “BookBub” the betta.

We call him “BB” for short. He doesn’t like to read as much as I hoped, but I caught him staring at his fish flake canister the other day, perusing the ingredients, so I have hope he’ll soon develop a taste for classic literature. I’m not going to let him read Moby Dick or Old Man in the Sea until he’s older, though.

They’ve forgiven me for making outlandish promises and I’m happy to announce my urban fantasy Angeli will be FREE July 13-17 (and featured on BookBub under the “Paranormal Romance” category on the 14th). YEA! Thank goodness they’re the understanding sort. (The second book in that series, Cherubim, was just released.)

I hope this doesn’t mean I have to get a hamster.

In other news, Amazon just suggested that I buy Anger Management for Teens.  Since I don’t have an angry teen, I can only imagine this means my online habits make Amazon think I AM an angry teen. This was disturbing enough, but they also suggested I get a book on how to quit smoking one day after I had a couple cigarettes with the Bother-in-Law and his wife. I don’t smoke, but I will occasionally partake if everyone else is.

I love you Amazon, for how you help me sell my books, but you’re starting to freak me out.


Pineapple Lies
Romantic Comedy/Cozy Mystery
Slightly Stalky
A romantic comedy walks into a bar…
Angeli & Cherubim
Funny/Thrilling Urban Fantasy
Moms are Nuts
Humor Anthology
26 Top Humorists!


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    • Amy Vansant

      I used to have an aquarium and when the pump died and I woke up to all but one of my salt water fish dead, I tried to rush him to a pet store and ended up hitting another car. And yet I had sushi today. I’m so complex… 🙂


  1. Mimi Barbour

    I wonder if you feed BB a little extra it’ll give you better luck the next time you submit to it’s… ahhh daddy??? LOL!



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