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Pineapple Lies – Book I & II

Pineapple Lies – Book I


The Pineapple Port romantic comedy mystery series is about a girl who grew up in a Florida retirement community… and fun, love and mystery ensues! The book will appeal to young and old, as the main characters are the hotties falling in love, but the rest of the cast are her neighbors and surrogate mothers in the 55+ community.

Romantic Comedy

Here’s the official blurb:

Growing up in one of Florida’s fifty-five plus communities, Charlotte never expected life to be wild. Golf cart racing with her surrogate mothers Mariska and Darla was about as nutty as life got…until she found the hot pawnbroker’s mom buried in her backyard.

Talk about making a lousy first impression.

Armed with nothing but her wits, Pineapple Port’s questionable cast of characters and a growing crush, Charlotte is determined to solve the mystery of Declan’s mother’s murder.

Hey, at least this guy’s skeletons aren’t in his closet.

A few reviews…

Very Fun Read. Reminds me of Janet Evanovich. Quirky old ladies mentoring whacky younger woman, wrapped in a mystery. ~ on 

Loved the book, once I accepted the idea of a young woman living in a 55 plus community. Laugh out loud funny; woke my husband out of a sound sleep once… – S. Bollinger

There aren’t too many books where I can actually say that I laughed aloud, this is one. The characters are awesome, a combination of funny, quirky, lovable and beyond goofy. Being that it’s a such a funny read, I was pleasantly surprised that there were twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. I cannot wait for more in this series. – A.C.S “Anca”

This is a delightful read! Well developed characters, wonderfully written story. I truly enjoyed this book and will be watching for the next Pineapple book! This won me over. Well done! – Lois Plarinos

s questionable cast of characters and a growing crush, Charlotte is determined to solve the mystery of Declan’s mother’s murder.
Hey, at least this guy’s skeletons aren’t in his closet.

Pineapple Mystery Box – Book II

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MysteryBox-coverart-1When a giant inflatable Halloween witch goes missing, Charlotte’s eager to nab the culprit. Before she can lift a fingerprint, someone threatens to kill a new neighbor who looks like an adorable Pomeranian but possesses a disturbing talent for revenge. Moments later, a stranger demands the return a mysterious wooden box… or else.

Charlotte’s boyfriend, Declan, isn’t having a great morning either. His calculating ex-girlfriend has returned to claim she’s the rightful owner of his pawn shop. She’s livid he’s found a new lady, too.

Eh. Things could be worse. At least Charlotte doesn’t know that a mojito-swilling killer who fed his grandmother to a cat is on his way to Pineapple Port…

I’d like to immediately apologize to cat lovers for that last bit. I had the most wonderful lady tell me I needed to add more cats to my books (you know who you are, puddercat….) and I don’t think what I did is what she had in mind. Please keep in mind I didn’t feed this character’s grandmother to her cat.  HE did. I only write this stuff down, I can’t be responsible for the terrible things the bad guys do!

I promise to have a hero of a cat in the next one if it kills me!


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Slightly Stalky

Romantic Comedy

Emily never expected to find love in a dart bar, but the moment she spots tall, sexy Sebastian, she’s determined to catch his eye.
Girlfriends, gorgeous warehouse men, frantic best-friends and a mysterious orange handbag converge to stop her.
No one said stalking was easy, but if Emily left romance up to the men, the human race would die out while they logged fantasy football points and punched each other in the balls.

Emily’s not stalking Sebastian…she’s saving the world.


  • “An absolute must read and one of my favorites of the year so far.  DarlingChristie
  • “..after my first chuckle out loud the fun didn’t stop. This is the first of Vansant’s books that I’ve read, but it definitely won’t be the last.” Amazon Customer
  • “I loved this book! Read it in under 24 hours. Funny, fast-paced, smart, rom-com.” SSSReviews


Angeli: Book 1 & 2

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: Fantasy | Mystery | Action | Romance | Humor

Playing pirate with her Captain lover in 1720, Anne Bonny never dreamed she’d end up a Sentinel, a soldier for mankind’s mysterious guardians, the Angeli. Now Anne will live 1000 years, but in return, she must hunt & neutralize Perfidia, corrupted Angeli who drain human energy to survive.

Monsters are only half Anne’s troubles; her stormy love life would make Blackbeard pack up ship and move to Kansas.  After losing his corporeal body in battle, Anne’s former lover, Con Carey, visits her by possessing the bodies of humans, often with embarrassing results. In the meantime, Anne’s complicated romance with the aloof Arch Angeli Michael has intensified; even as they square off against a new breed of Perfidia, possessing untold power.

Can this unusual love triangle work together to protect the world from the cosmic horrors sworn to destroy it?


“Kudos for some of the most well written Irish dialogue, slang was spot-on.” ~ KOB

“I loved this book! The action was fast-paced and I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in 3 hours!” ~ K Gard

“I LOOOOVED this book!!! Integrating real-life historical events/places with fiction, fantasy and the ever-appealing lovers triangle… I couldn’t put it down!” ~ Mama On Board

“I was caught the second I read the first chapter! The characters were like old friends by the time I finished reading and I didn’t want the book to end.” ~ Sukie B. Nemeth

“…reading the first few pages will convince the reader that not only is Amy Vansant funny, she also has created a very clever romance that brings in quasi sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy into the fray and knows exactly how to introduce those novel elements in a manner that gives the reader the feeling of `oh, yeah’ – accepting the strange body inhabitations and time alterations as simply part of an unnervingly funny and steamy story.” ~ Grady Harp

71502lh+5FL._SL1200_Book II: Cherubim

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: Fantasy | Mystery | Action | Romance | Humor

The insane, corrupted Arch Angel Seth has been captured, so Anne, Con and Michael might have a moment to breathe, right? Don’t count on it.
Another team of Angels, the Cherubim, have arrived to wipe out the Angeli and kill any human who doesn’t meet their standards. The first-arriving Cherub, Rathe, is a long-haired teen with the face of an angel. He may seem an unlikely villain, but he’s created two Angeli-hunting Sentinels, including an evil ex-mercenary with nasty plans for Anne.
While Michael orchestrates the Angeli offensive, it’s up to Anne and Con to find Rathe and stop him before he opens the floodgates to Chaos…

The cover is kinda sexy, but the book itself isn’t any sexier than the first (just so you know I didn’t go 50 Shades on anyone..).  It’s a bunch of humor, adventure and thrills, just like the first!


3dCoverMoms are Nuts

Humor Anthology

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Wendi Aarons | Eliza Bayne | Dylan Brody | Matthew David Brozik | Becky Cardwell | Abbi Crutchfield | Sean Crespo | Gloria Fallon | Carol Ray Hartsell | Abby Heugel | Debbie Kasper | Nancy Davis Kho | Kelcey Kintner | Cathy Ladman | Kurt Luchs  | Kelly Maclean | Vanda Mikoloski | Mary Laura Philpott | Lisa Page Rosenberg | Marinka | Arlene Schindler | Molly Schoemann | Susan Stobbart Shapiro | Suzy Soro | Amy Vansant | Peggy “Pearl” Vork-Zambory

Emmy winners, magazine editors, comedians, TV personalities, bestselling authors and social media superstars team up to bring you a laugh-out-loud book not about being a mom, but about having a mom, grandmom or mom-figure. And while it’s not OK for someone else to make yo-momma jokes about your momma, it is perfectly healthy — even downright hilarious — to find the humor in your own upbringing. In fact, these writers highly recommend it. So if you think your mom is nuts, pull up a chair. You’re in good company.


“Funny and touching at the same time – and so much talent all in one book! I’ve read a few of the humor anthologies out lately and this one blows them out of the water!” ~ Amazon Customer

“Some of the very best humor writers online and off regale us with stories of the truly insane–whom we lovingly refer to as “Mom.” Be it moms, grandmas, or the sorority house mom–this collection boasts great writing, great storytelling, and true hilarity.” ~ Benjamin Imig

“A friend of mine bought this for his mom for Mothers Day. I started to read it and couldn’t stop. There are many funny and sweet stories here written by some very funny women. I’m getting one for my mother too!” – Jersey Devil



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