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Article first published as Browser Tip: Check Out CheckFox on Technorati.

Recently, I found myself in a situation that required clicking a lot of little checks in check boxes. If you spend a good amount of your time working a mouse, you know little aggravates carpal tunnel syndrome and related issues more than incessant clicking. For me, the clicking horror was delivered upon me by the administration area of my shopping cart – I wanted to add several product to about 90% of my 100+ categories, which meant every time I added a new product, I had to click 90 little check boxes to have them associated with the correct categories. There had to be a better way.

That’s when it hit me: there really did have to be a better way. Like most people, I am not a programmer, so I couldn’t create myself a solution. But surely, I couldn’t be the only person in the world who found themselves clicking a million little boxes? A quick search online and there it was – CheckFox – an add-on for the Firefox browser. Once you download and install the CheckFox add-on, you can select the area where your check boxes await, right-click, and then just choose “check.” This will make all your unchecked boxes checked, and in my case, it is a lot easier to uncheck 10 boxes than it is to check 90. My hand would live to click another day.

This isn’t the first check box clicking add-on for Firefox, but it is the only one currently updated to work with the most recent version of the popular browser. And while selecting an area to mass-check or uncheck isn’t always the ideal situation (think uneven text or tables), for most people looking at a lot of mind-numbing clicking this add-on will more than save the day – it will save your hand.

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