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Worst X-Man Superpower Ever

I've always had a thing for superheroes. I always thought it was only a matter of time until I discovered my superpower. (other than never throwing up when I'm drinking) During a dark period in my young life...
southern comfort ad

Southern Comfort Karate Hair Salon Ad

I love this commercial for Southern Comfort. Just when you think Old Spice has cornered the market on surreal, hilarious commercials, this guy karate's his way into your heart.
internet explorer images huge

Why are Internet Explorer Images HUGE?

Ok, I'm really nerding out on this one and most of my readers won't care about Internet Explorer images, but for the few do-it-yourself bloggers that might otherwise spend hours searching for a solution, I offe...
air on g string - bach is a pervert

Johann Sebastian Bach was a Pervert

Investigative reporting reveals that famous composer was a total creep. Bridey Elliott (@brideylee) a very funny lady on Twitter and Tumblr (who you should totally follow) --- has graciously allowed me to post...