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T-Fal ActiFry Review

T-Fal ActiFry Review

T-Fal ActiFry Review: 4 out of 5 wine glasses: Mike and I eat a LOT of potatoes. If we're eating anything other than a sandwich or pasta, chances are there is a potato involved.  We almost had a potato b...
plus size lingerie

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

As a rule, plus size lingerie web sites, or sections of web sites, seem like an afterthought. So when I bumped into on Twitter, I was knocked out by how gorgeous their site was. Finally, some...

Gorgeous Hand Printed Tights

Hand Printed Tights - All the Way from Israel! Guess who just discovered Etsy? Yes, yes, I knew it was there but I'm starting to realize what gems you can find. Like the Hipster Wolverine. My latest? Gorgeo...