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9 Responses

  1. Ellie

    I am amazed at the decorations !
    I live in a similiar housing area, and our houses aren’t decorated as nice as these !!!
    Thanks for sharing .


  2. Jean Gill

    Love all the lights. Should have seen a couple of the RV parks we’ve stayed at over the Christmas New Years break. Folks can be so ingenious.


  3. Laura Prime

    I’m a bah humbug ! I’m afraid
    When I’m driving all the flashing lights get on my nerves , thinking they’re anbulances or police cars! I’m not a fan I’d rather just not have them but don’t mind if others enjoy them 👍


  4. Tanya

    What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your photos, they made my day. I’d love to be able to walk through the park myself in person.
    Looking forward to the next Pineapple 🍍 installment, Merry
    Christmas ❤️


  5. Kit

    I also prefer light displays that do not flash, especially not flashing red, blue, or white since those are the colors most used by police and ambulance and fire vehicles or red or yellow where school buses run.

    But my biggest dislike is any lights NEAR THE ROAD where they can damage my night vision temporarily. In a few jurisdictions it is illegal to do this, but most places it is probably legal. However if there was an accident near your house as a result any party that did not recover money that covered all their damages could name you in a civil suit and might be successful or you might have to pay a lawyer to defend you. So even if it is legal to put the lights out to the edge of the road, please be considerate and keep the lights out of the ten or twenty feet nearest to the road and think carefully about flashing lights. Maybe if you feel that you must have some flashing lights you could settle for flashing green light pointing away from the road toward an evergreen tree decorated with white silver and gold ornaments. Keep the other lights out of the right of way and steady, not blinking.


  6. Kit

    I do like light displays as long as they are not really close to the road, and do not include lights that flash in colors used for emergency use. Unfortunately that is almost every color except green, since emergency flashers include red, yellow, blue, and white, which sometimes combine to produce orange or purple flashes as well. You would think that sometimes you would get green flashing too, but I have never seen that. Probably purple flashes would be fine in most situations, and even orange flashes in a few situations. But not colors that are intended to warn about emergency conditions. Not in outdoor displays. Either do not use those colors or do not include them with flashing lights.


  7. Janet

    Hard for a New Englander to get used to Christmas lights and decorations when it’s 80 degrees!