Contest Winner – Pineapple Port Bar – Named!

Took me a little longer than I hoped, thanks to a vacation/family visits/holiday blah blah blah – but I finally picked the name of the bar that appears in the first chapter of Pineapple Port Mystery #3 – Pineapple Puzzles!

stripedgoldfishAnd the winner is: *drum roll*

The Striped Goldfish

By Allison Melito!

There were a lot of good ones – here are a few of my other favorites:

  • Spikey Crown
  • Pickle’s Pub
  • Siobahn’s Pub
  • Chub’s Pub
  • The Pint Pot
  • Tit-Tats
  • The Low Bar
  • Themma’s Minutiae Bar
  • The Irishmans Alligator
  • The Scalped Irishman
  • The Night Owl
  • Raise The Bar
  • The Ant Hill Pub

I ultimately went with that one because it just made me happy. I liked the idea of a cute striped goldfish.

Thank you to everyone who entered and I promise to have another contest to name something in all my books going forward!

Pineapple 3 should be out in a couple of weeks!

Amy Vansant

10 Responses

  1. Jackie Weger

    Admit it, Amy. You love the the Striped Goldfish, because you have one named Bookbub! Luv it.

    Looking forward to more of Pineapple Port shenanigans.


    • Amy Vansant

      Alas, BookBub the Siamese Fighting Fish died. I got turned down for the next BookBub when I told them too! 🙂


  2. Mom

    What an awesome name. My 30 thousand entries didn’t even make the “preferred list”.

    It would have been nice to let your mother in law alias Mariska win.

    Can hardly wait for book 3. Our whole community is awaiting the antics of Pineapple Port.


    • Amy Vansant

      Aah! I forgot to add that giant list! There were some really good ones on there!! You’ll have to forgive me and remember I changed “Mariska” for you. 🙂


  3. Nasreen Iqbal

    I like that one, but I also like the Scalped Irishman. I don’t even know what the Scalped Irishman means, but if I went to bars, I would definitely go to one with that name.



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