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23 Responses

  1. Lori Hendel

    So it sounds like the book is not set in a city, so the challenge may need to be set in a more rural or nature setting. I like the idea of scarecrows. You can call it Scare your Pants off. The contestants need to construct a scarecrow using their own clothes. I’ll leave the details to you. 🙂 Enjoy!!!


  2. Rachel Hilton

    The name: Tip Toe Through the Tulips….I leave the details to you – idea…standing on tiptoes balances on a “fake tulip”…….last to “crush” tulip (or fall off) wins


  3. Kim W.

    How about Rural Rumble? Sounds like it takes place out in the country.


  4. Val

    My submissions to the naming gods are:

    Handless Housekeeping – the couple must complete a domestic task together with out using their hands.

    Blind mans cookies – one half of the couple must talk the second blindfolded member through making a batch of cookies.

    Talk them out of it – the couple has to convince a stranger to switch clothing with one of them, in a public space.

    I’m putting a vote in for “Scare your pants off ” (see Lori above ) I’d like to see that


  5. Val

    I have more.. Because this is way too much fun.

    Barnyard bath or Bathtime for Baby – giving very dirty nonhuman babies a bath

    Party till you’re farty or I lactose you so much – contestants must eat an obscene amount of cheese (amazing race did something like this once)

    Everything’s coming up roses – moving a large pile of fresh manure

    Tie me up tie you down – one contestants hands are tied, the others feet. I don’t know what they’re doing but it bound to be funny



    Redneck Directions-Have to guide someone somewhere without using north, south, etc, or right, left, up, down. Have to use redneck directions-go past the blue silo and turn at the oak tree with the yellow ribbon.

    Can we build it?-put together a desk or something with no directions and extra pieces.

    Screw it-have to sort a jar of nuts and bolts and match up at least 10 pair.

    Picture this-match the baby picture to the current contestants. Or a macro picture of a section of a famous monument to the monument.

    Bug Out-identify bugs native to the area.

    Tie it or Dye it

    Penny Pincher


  7. Debbie

    Barnyard Scramble– Contestants remove an egg from under a hen and run across a muddy barnyard to deposit their eggs, unbroken, in their team’s basket. Lots of opportunity for falling and other hilarity.


  8. Barbara

    Have contestants enter a cornfield from opposite sides blindfolded and try to find each other.


  9. Gray

    Sweaty Piglets – run to grab as many piglets as they could thru a maze with one leg rope to the other, with one eye patched and underwear only. With lots of Mud😺! – hide a personal item of the other and give the instructions by email. Of course typing with one finger and trying to make each other hell!


  10. Tammie Lou

    Chicken Run: A glass maze filled with all kinds of things from balls to fake snakes and of course live chickens. Blind fold them, they have to make it through the maze while collecting chicken eggs and putting them in baskets…..You know like Mines! teehee


  11. Cindy weller

    Toss in the knif

    Contestants arrive at a doorway, they are requested to through silverware and plates and cups onto a table to set the table. The person who does it best, or fastest wins. The twist is that nowhere in the instructions does it say they must stay behind the door before the toss. So a clever person could walk into the room before the challenge and move the table over to the door then when asked to go they are standing beside the table and are just placing the items. Fun angle for your “I want to hate them” character.


  12. Barbara Harrison

    Bed Making (from pile of boards, etc)


  13. Cindy Gnew

    My suggestion for the challenge is: Stink Bomb!

    It could take any number of avenues. Initially it was about dirty diapers, but rotten food in the fridge that needs to be cleaned out works without harming any babies. Have fun!


  14. julie bambi

    puckers and sours or sour puckers? its a food challenge- have eat a bowl of lemons or that super sour candy (some of the sours are just down right AWFUL! or 5 little peppers-literally eating 5 of the crazy hot peppers ( i had thai last nigtht, and the stuff gets real HOT)


  15. Jeannie Daniel

    Rubber chicken catapult, Simple Simons Pie Assault, Corn Row Slalom


  16. Judie Johnson

    Cat’s paw. Try following a cat paw print who lives in the country only to find out you went off trail and followed a big cat. What to do?


  17. Sandy

    Find hidden directions in the country side while on horses to win the prize maybe ride backwards or no way to direct the horse . Maybe no trails and lots of natural occurring obstacles wild scavenger hunt


  18. terry saunders

    Called “Berry Bunch” I’d like taking strawberries or blackberries or blueberries and see who can make the best dessert, have the bakers separated from each other and then about part way through have them switch places and let them have to figure out what the other person was making and work on it then again have a switch to another person and continue until one recipe is finished.


  19. E Strati

    Christmas themed? 12 Days of Christmas

    Of course my first thought was a simple egg-gathering task which for non farmers can be a challenge (pushing hens off nest, confronting rooster, dealing with smell, etc.) and I was going to call it some like “9 Hens A-Laying” (okay, the lyric is 6 Geese)–which naturally brought the song to mind. Keep in mind that goose poop is dog-sized.

    On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .
    A Partridge in a Pear Tree.
    Two Turtle Doves
    Three French Hens
    4 Calling Birds
    5 Gold Rings
    6 Geese a-Laying
    7 Swans a-Swimming
    8 Maids a-Milking
    9 Ladies Dancing
    10 Lords a-Leaping
    11 Pipers Piping
    12 Drummers Drumming