The CW’s Reign – Mary Queen Of Scots never looked so dippy.

CW Reign mary queen of scots

Does this head make me look fat?

CWs “Reign” Rains Stupidity on Mary Queen of Scots

Leave it to the CW to take a fascinating lady like Mary Queen of Scots and turn her into a lovesick teenage girl running her court like a high school lunch table. The CW has spit out a “Princess Diaries” version of the story of Mary Queen of Scots called “Reign.”  Which started a conversation between Mike and I:

Mike: Did you see that “Reign?”

Me: Did it?

Mike: What?

Me: Rain?

Mike: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: What? I thought it was pretty sunny all day.

Mke: No “REIGN.”

Me: — If you say so, I’m just saying I didn’t see it.

Mike: Oh. It looks awful.

Me: Well, the plants like it.

Mike: What!??

Note to Mike, saying homonyms louder doesn’t clear up confusion.

Well, at least Mary Queen of Scots gets beheaded in the end. I hope “Reign” gets that part right.

So while you’re waiting for that happy eneding, enjoy Monty Python’s “Mary Queen of Scots” which I believe is more historically accurate.

I had this on a Monty Python cassette tape when I was young, and to this day I still randomly say “I think she’s dead…No I’m not.”


Amy Vansant

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  1. Stef

    Too funny! Glad it’s not just me–I have conversations like this all the time.

    Being a history freak, I tend to *hate* most film/TV portrayals of the Tudor period, because I’m always going, “NO! That didn’t HAPPEN that way! agh! He had RED hair, people! Come ON!” and then no one can hear the movie, and there’s usually lots of eye rolling involved. 🙂


  2. Lance

    If they try to get Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez to play Queen Elizabeth they should be beheaded.

    I bet my 17-year-old will watch this. Maybe it will make her like fake history?



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