Dear Kid-Free Living…

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Dear Kid-Free Living:

I was at my wits end, until a friend suggested that I write to Kid-Free Living. Here’s my dilemma: Me and the wife want to go to the beach this summer, but we have an 18-month old baby, which is okay, except that last time we took him to the beach all he wanted to do was cry and eat sand and crap his pants. It really ruined the whole thing for us. Do you think it would be okay to leave him home by himself for, say, three or four days if we left a big bowl of water and scattered a few boxes of cereal on the floor for him to eat? He really likes Cheerios.

–Baby Bound in Annapolis

Dear Baby Bound in Annapolis:

First, please excuse Kid-Free Living for not seeing this until now! Probably the kid is in college by now and this isn’t a problem anymore? Being childless, I am unsure how quickly they grow…

If  he is in fact still small (and I hope not, how annoying would that  be??!), I think leaving him with the cereal should be just fine. Really,  consider it natural selection. If, given all the tools you’ve provided,  he is unable to keep himself alive for measly three or four days, clearly you  had yourself a dud. You can always make yourself another and hope the  next is a little brighter!

Of course, you’re only a magazine editor, so you might want to hedge your bet and adopt a smart one.

Glad I could help!

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