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  1. Nancy LeBarron

    Amy! Loved the Whole Foods rant……High Fives! I’m sending the link to everyone I know…even the ones who live up in VT where I came from and wouldn’t know a Whole Foods from a Grand Union or A&P! Or the Piggly Wiggly and Jitney Jungle (yes, that really is a supermarket name) down in MS that I had to shop at where the clerks didn’t know what cucumbers or leeks are……or what real cream is…”Uhhhhhh, ah got this here canna Redi Whip iffin yew wannit.” I was trying to buy heavy cream to make a sauce and told the kid it “is the cream you get to make whipped cream”.
    Also, thanks for the mention.

    The Butcher’s Block


    • Amy Vansant

      You are frighteningly good at typing out that accent! Thanks! And my pleasure on the mention – I love you guys!


  2. Jessica

    So I believe instead of “Subscription Confirmation” it should say “Life Confirmation.” I need some confirming.


  3. Leah C

    Ok…just discovered your ‘dog blog’…BRILLIANT.


  4. Howard

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