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10 Responses

  1. Connie Leap

    I’m sorry for your disaster, but the way you told it had me laughing out loud.
    No wonder your books are so funny.


  2. Val

    It’s always something at your house, please don’t stop “the adventures of the Vansant’s” always make me laugh.


  3. Doris Manuel

    Not on twitter. Do not have website barely know how respond to this or how read ebook she. But o am learning.

    Enjoy your stories and letters. Please keep me subscribed.


  4. Cindy DeGraaff

    Still laughing….. believe it or not, something similar happened at my house with a broken ceramic plate fuuullll of spaghetti and sauce. Shards of ceramic, sauce everywhere, kids, dogs, yelling…. you get the picture. It’s all fun and games until somebody cuts something. Funny later tho!


  5. Darlene Brooks

    Even with all the crazy things happening, I can laugh with the best of them. I have been known to burst into laughter even in the emergency room of the nearest hospital during dire times. Laughing has gotten me through some of the worst times of my life, and I remind others that it takes less energy to laugh than to cry. Thanks for helping me feel “normal”.


  6. Nancy

    Been there, done that, only mine was an entire meatloaf in a glass pan. Loved your story, I am not alone, except for the emergency bandage application.


  7. Wendy

    And why does that Always happen when your in a hurry or just plain hungry? Lol


  8. Julie

    I needed a good laugh today ~ thank you! The best stories always come from disasters, don’t they? lol


  9. Ken

    Hello Amy, thanks for letting me know about the deals on books. I like Vampire Carrer book and I will surely read this book on kindle. Keep posting!