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3 Responses

  1. Martha Lawson

    Ooo, you didn’t meet any of the condo commandos? Lol. I live just half way between Tampa and Orlando. Caught between a rock and a hard spot as it were.
    Try Ocean Prime next time or christners. Both excellent food!
    Keep turning out those great books. This Floridian will need them when the temp hits near 100 and I am getting cozy with the air conditioner!


  2. Clif Bradley

    We used to go to Bern’s but now we go to Ruth Chris. Slightly cheaper and they actually season their meat. In fact I have a $75.00 gift card that I’ve never used. We live in Pinellas County and my mom lives in a condo on Clearwater Beach. The people there are super nice and the only issue they have is that the elevator when not in use, goes to the Penthouse by default. The other issue with that is that if the guy on the Penthouse calls for the elevator, the doors immediately shut and the car travels up without stopping. We found this out when my 3 year old walked into the elevator at Christmas time. She was standing there inside while we gathered presents, food and our 3 boys. We just kept putting our arm in the door to keep the door from shutting. Suddenly the door shut and off she went 8 floors up. Luckliy he is a nice guy and seemed slightly ashamed there was no override.