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11 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    This is hilarious…in a cringing i feel your pain kind of way.


  2. Christine

    You are not alone. When I get up in the morning I let the dogs out, get a cup of tea and wind up on the couch with a dog in my lap and my kindle in hand. Today I remembered why I never do anything other than read early in the morning. Reading is safer until I’m fully functional.

    I saw a post from Lost Pets in my area. The picture showed the dog was being cared for at my vet who is close by and being involved in dog rescue, I quickly posted the picture after writing, “Do you know this dog?” One small problem …..The original picture was 3 years old.


  3. Latifa Howard

    I guess he said you are going to finance his new car purchase.


  4. Ricki Crane

    You do all realize that that’s the guy from the beer commercial


  5. MelodyJ

    The price in the quote will help with the new car. I agree with the earlier poster. That is funny.


  6. Jennifer Lynn Roche

    I love your story at least you had a witty sense of humor perhaps Bob might not agree but my husband and I kid around like that all the time except no third party is usually around to hear our banter. Might be time to check out a new HVAC company!😆


  7. Aimee


    I thought I was the only one with foot-in-mouth disease! I find myself in the predicament more often than I should admit. Which is usually followed by the nervous giggles when the tape has been played back in my brain.


  8. Jeanie Tortoisefly

    Well Bob does need to find a way to pay for a vehicle upgrade… his imaginary mistress may also have expensive taste after all.


  9. Kolten

    Happens all the time, and you can’t help it. Wish I could have seen your face when you turned the corner though!