Free Book & Big Coupon for Pet Stuff…

Get Pineapple Lies for Free August 1-4!

First off, welcome to everyone who is new to me through the Crime/Mystery giveaway – I have free things for you and everyone else!

smallpineappleThe first book in my Pineapple Port series, Pineapple Lies is FREE today through August 4th!

  • Genre: Sweet cozy mystery with a touch of romance
  • Age: Any age – no profanity, clean romance.

Author note: Loosely based on my mother-in-law’s 55+ community in Florida. Only they are much crazier.

So if you haven’t already read it…


Big Coupon – 25% off Personalized Pet Lover/Sport Gifts


Second, did you know my husband Mike and I own an embroidery store? Mike spends his days stitching dogs, cats, horses, sport and hobby logos and a bunch of other critters on clothing and towels  and other gifts. They make great personalized gifts that make it look like you REALLY put a lot of effort into it.


Anyway, the site is called DoodleSport and I made a coupon up for all y’all to use!

Just use coupon code “amysbuddies” at checkout to get 25% off anything you order. (Some things are already on sale too!) It will be good for a week.

I’d like to give him a lot of work because this happened yesterday:

Me: My allergies are making it feel like I have another face behind my face.

Mike: I hope that one’s better looking.


Ask Mike if he can hem your pants next time you see him. He loves that joke. 🙂


More Free Books

Finally, if you’d like to get many more free books, swing by my new site to the Read & Review Program. You can request any of the great books listed there and get them for free in exchange for a review!  Just fill out the form on the right of the RR page.

So that’s it – just a quick note to let you know about all the free stuff!


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4 Responses

  1. Catherine

    I had a wonderful Golden Labradoodle named Jake who was the best dog I have ever had!He aS smart,protective and so sensitive to my feelings.We lost him last year after 14 years together.I still miss him.He was about 75 pounds and we have to go smaller.How big is yours?


    • Amy Vansant

      Gordon is 60-65 lbs and the love of our life. Can’t even imagine having any other dog other than a Labradoodle! He’s 11 now and we tear up once a day just imagining a time without him. Still pretty spunky though!


  2. Dorothy Porter

    I will enjoy hearing about new release. And ebooks on sale or free. I am sorry that I am not one for reviews. I have give a couple but I didn’t know what to say and the books was not new. I read alot but I don’t stop what I am reading to read something else because I am slow and a reading disability. So we might be waiting a while on my review. Sorry. But I will love reading your books. God be with you.


    • Amy Vansant

      Take your time – or don’t review at all if it gives you any stress to do so! Being happy is much more important than reviews. 🙂 (And I hope my books make you happy!)



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