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The Winning Photo For the New Kilty Novel (& 10 Book Winners)

Almost 450 of you cast your vote for the pose I should use on my next Kilty romantic comedy/suspense novel. WOW! I had so much fun reading all the comments – it made choosing one almost impossible because everyone had good points and I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Number 1 and 4 stripped ahead pretty quickly (no pun intended), and I agonized over the two of them.

I mocked both up… (his hair looks like a Bay City Roller and her hair is red instead of black – there are ISSUES. But… to get a feel for it.)


I’m still a little torn… my books are clean though, and I’m already using a half naked dude on the cover (I take the curse off that with the taglines – I mean how dirty could a book be when it says “Passion, Intrigue, Poofy Dresses?” So…I’m 90% sure I’m going with #1.  I get that some people read that photo as him forcefully holding her, but I think her smile refutes that. And I think when I flip #4 around to keep his sexy arm in the pic, she looks a little like she’s trying to push off him and out of the cover. I don’t want my leading lady escaping!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for all your input! It was a HUGE help!

10  random names for free copies of the new book when it is released:

Marsha, Teri, Gina P, Patricia R., Callie Hoffman, Barb, Krystal, Jenny Kelly, Brenda Russell, Rosie  — I sent you separate email to let you know you won!

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8 Responses

  1. Tanya

    Yea!!! My favorite ☺
    I just finished your latest Pineapple Port ?
    Do you have any plans to continue with your Slightly Stalky characters?


    • Amy Vansant

      Yes I’ve been a real jerk with Slightly Stalky. I was JUST about to do it when Kilty came to mind and I went off on a tangent! The plan right now is: Kilty 2 out in April then stalky 2 or pineapple 5 – not sure what order!


  2. Marsha

    That is wonderful news. I love the cover and am excited for your new book. Best of luck, always.


  3. Emily Endrizzi

    Great choice! The mirror image flip you did on number 4 took away my favorite part of that pic… the wind-swept hair. And I always thought number one was the best choice simply because of the smile.


  4. LadyMichigan

    Being snarky (:-)) it is COLD in Scotland between the kilt and no shirt he is going to freeze. Nice cover choice


  5. Terrill R.

    Bwahahaha!!! Oh my goodness, I loved the Bay City Roller’s reference. When I was in college, my car broke down and my mom had some friend who was selling their early 80’s Ford Fairmont with dealer installed 8-track player. Since this was around 1992, 8-tracks weren’t standard issue anymore. 🙂 As a joke, my friend brought over his mom’s stash of old 8-tracks and we jammed disco-style to the BAY CITY ROLLERS! Luckily, we had no shame.

    BTW, prefer #1, as well. Great choice. Keep the hair! 😉


  6. Kathryn Dean

    I would go with cover picture two. I would choose it for my book if I had a choice of covers but mine is not about the Scotish but about pirates.



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