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I posted this tongue-in-cheek press release through PRWeb for fun and a little exposure. It’s gotten quite a few extra hits so far, and will be floating around the web for years to come, creating valuable in-bound links to my site. All in all, the occasional press release is a good deal for people looking for a little extra exposure – businesses or bloggers. Do something for your business today and come up with a press release!

Annapolis, MD (PRWEB) July 12, 2010

Amy Vansant, writer and professional nerd announced today that her humor blog, Kid-Free Living ( ) has remained funny for over six months. The success has inspired her to restart her freelance writing career and continue thanklessly posting to the blog for the foreseeable future.

“They said I couldn’t do it,” says Ms. Vansant. “But thanks to my obsessive compulsive dog, my exceedingly goofy husband and Lindsay Lohan, the fun never ends.” is a blog for lovers of humor with or without children. The blog is not about being childless, but rather about the fact that not having children allows Vansant the free time to write the blog in the first place. Plus, “Kid-Free Living” sounded better than “Amy’s Musings,” a title which actually put Amy to sleep as she was typing it into this press release.

Vansant started at the beginning of the year after realizing what a sellout she had been abandoning her freelance writing career and starting Annapolis, Maryland web development firm Vansant Creations ( in 1997.

“Everybody was doing it,” sobs Vansant in her defense.

After 13 years of HTML, Vansant finally remembered she was supposed to be a writer.

“She was destined to be a writer,” says Charlotte Vansant, mother of Amy and frequent unwilling target of’s wicked lampooning. “We knew she would be a writer ever since she wrote ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ at age eight. It was heartbreaking to tell her it had already been done, but she soldiered on, penning ‘Blue Eggs and Ham’ just one week later.”

Vansant served as the East Coast Editor of Surfer Magazine for five years, and freelanced for numerous other magazines including Yankee, Modern Maturity and Caribbean Travel and Life. After authoring 1995’s The Surfer’s Guide to Florida for Pineapple Press it looked like nothing could stop the wordsmith, until she realized creating her first few web sites (time spent: 5 hours) paid more than the writing the book (time spent: 1 year).

“That’s when I sold my soul to the nerds,” says Vansant.

Refocused, Vansant posts new humorous articles, personal essays and news parodies to Kid-Free Living twice a week. The blog gathers a following thanks to Amy’s promise to eat a grape or donate a dollar to a charity for every “Like” she gets on her corresponding Kid-Free Living Facebook page, depending on her finances that week.

If you like Kid-Free Living and think: “I wish this chick wrote for our paper / magazine / newsletter / fortune cookies / incendiary pamphlets” Amy asks that you please drop her a line at the contact information provided on the site under “You want a piece of me?” She has been known to prostitute her talents for money / fame / drinks / gifts / free travel / kind words.

Amy Vansant

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