Gorgeous Hand Printed Tights

Hand Printed Tights – All the Way from Israel!

Guess who just discovered Etsy? Yes, yes, I knew it was there but I’m starting to realize what gems you can find. Like the Hipster Wolverine.

My latest? Gorgeous hand printed tights. I’ve decided I’m a tights girl. Who knew? I guess it is the closest thing to sweatpants I can find for when I venture out of my home office.

My new Etsy Find is Gal Stern, owned by (get this) a gal named Gal Stern.  If that isn’t a coincidence, I don’t know what is. And she’s in Israel! So you, too, can own hand printed tights that have traveled father and wider than you have.

 Some of my favorite hand printed tights from the Gal Stern shop:


hand printed tights

The “Oh My God My Knees Have Gone Supernova!”

hand printed tights

The “Look, a Funky Bird Has Landed on My Calf”

hand printed tights

The “Fashionable Chimney”


The “Have You Ever Seen Flamenco Dancing Because it is Really a Lot Cooler than You Think it is Even if You’re Pretty Sure it is Cool.”

hand printed tights

The “Look! I’m an Owl!”

hand printed tights

The “Am I Turning into a Lizard? No, Why Do You Ask?”

hand printed tights

The “I Never Knew How Much I Needed Luminescent Shins Until I Had Them”


The “Holy Hell If I Had Legs Like These I Could Die Happy”

hand printed tights

And finally… The “Is That a Necklace on Your Thigh or are You Just Happy to See Me?”

If you’re in the market for very cool hand printed tights – swing on over to Gal Stern!

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4 Responses

  1. Abby


    I’ve never been on Etsy either, but I think I would pay $1,000 for a pair of the “Holy Hell If I Had Legs Like These I Could Die Happy” tights if they would make my legs look like that. As for the others? They’re all you, Amy!


    • Amy Vansant

      I think I might get me the Flamenco ones. They are pretty damn cool. But yes, I would pay a shameless amount of money for the others if I got the legs with them!


  2. Kara

    I need these. I must have them. There are two pairs in my Etsy shopping cart already. Thanks.



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