Hamster Horde

Today while trolling other people’s blogs I made a comment involving hamsters, because I know how disappointed people get when you comment on their blogs and don’t mention hamsters. In the comment I mentioned a “pack of hamsters,” which got me thinking… is it a “PACK” of hamsters? It brought to mind the image of a bunch of hamsters dressed up like a high school production of “Guys and Dolls.”

Anyway, I Googled it, and it turns out it is a “HORDE” of hamsters, which is infinitely funnier. So, it being Friday, I took a few hours to make this:


Which is clearly time well spent. And I made a tee shirt for myself, which is also available on my store now if you’d like one as well (also available in women’s fitted tee).

Though if I’m stamping tee shirts with hordes of hamsters on them, it may tip off my husband that I’m not quite as busy as I said I was when he asked me to help wash the dog.


For Abby, who is clearly helping me get no work done today… She prefers this version.

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      • Abby

        Thank you. That more accurately depicts the hamsters I’ve had to deal with in the past.


  1. Angry Turk

    I think that, gramatically speaking, the proper punctuation requires it to be written thus: “Hamster, whored.”

    You know, there is a market out there for pimping hamsters. Just ask Richard Gere.


  2. Scargosun

    It makes me think of the Dothraki…not so much Vikings but I like it a lot. Whore hamster looks like she will be raking in the cash this weekend behind the exercise wheel.


  3. Raymond

    I think I’ll stick to my murder of a crows. I just like saying things like, “Did you see that murder across the street?” and “That was some murder on the rooftop last night, you shoulda been there.” 🙂



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