Healthy, Catered School Lunches Prevent Anarchy

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In grade school I once inspired a School Lunch Revolution. I always brown-bagged it, and thanks to a “cool” kid in my class who took up my cause on this point, I managed to sway the entire sixth through eighth grade to boycott school lunches. Anarchy ruled for three days, until finally a cranky principal rapidly losing income and bunch of Mom’s who suddenly went from sleepily pressing sixty-five cents into their kids palms to packing a morning lunch, pushed back with threats of suspended recess. Next thing I knew, the revolution had ended and I was again alone with my brown bag PB&J.

Things have changed. Not only do kids have a host of new school-offered options for lunch beyond gray shepherds pie with a side of lunch lady hair, but many schools are also offering the option for kids to have their lunches catered by local restaurants and catering companies — an idea that would have given my principal fits.

Tom  Hogan of Annapolis, Maryland’s The Main Ingredient restaurant says the idea for the catering option in his town was a no-brainer. “Our area has a large number of private schools, which are open to the idea of providing children with meals handpicked by the parents,” says Hogan. “Our angle is fresh and healthy – many schools allow fast food options, but our lunches are low-cal and low-sugar.”

On the restaurant’s web site or by phone, parents are able to choose what days their kids will be provided catered lunches, including the option for an extra entree and milk or juice as the beverage. The meals cost in the range of $5 per day, with extra entrees running an additional dollar. The menu features both cold and hot favorites that my old school brown bag just wouldn’t keep warm until lunchtime.

Catered school lunches are available from many different restaurants and catering companies across the country. Search in your area for the healthy meal alternatives that will keep your child from inspiring a local school lunch revolution,  and squelch the little anarchist in them before it is too late.

Article first published as Healthy, Catered School Lunches Prevent Anarchy on Technorati.

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  1. Amy Vansant

    You can’t put a price on your kid’s health and well being!!

    I mean, at least that is what I hear. I didn’t even give the little bugger life.



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