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5 Responses

  1. Janet Graham

    re: Aging Puppies
    My large breed dogs (German Shepherd) usually live to 15 or so, so I think I am doing something right. First, health is built over a lifetime. I start with feeding the best food I can afford throughout their lives. I also supplement with an occasional egg. If your female is expecting, feed her good puppy food until after the babies are weaned – her body will thank you for it in old age. Then, like us, middle age is the onset of many conditions. If Pups is stiff after playing hard, give him an aspirin. If it gets to where he is stiff all of the time, regardless of play – it’s time to see the vet and get the good anti-inflammatory. Even an old and stiff dog needs activity – mental and physical. In the end, quality of life is more important than quantity, we need to do what is best for our beloved dogs.


    • Bonnie

      Thank you so much for comments on dog madicine. I’m calling my vet tomorrow.:


    • Amy Vansant

      We’ve often remarked how glad we are that we have always given Gordon top-notch food. I think that makes a big difference too!


  2. Lisa

    Thank you so much for the tips about creaky dogs. And thank you too Janet Graham. I think I’m going to look into all these things for my 10 year old German Shepherd. She used to be my daughter’s service dog, diabetic alert dog. She weighs a little to much at 115 pounds😬. This is my fault because I have arthritis so bad I can’t always go walking. We do feed high quality food and the weight management kind now. I’m thinking these arthritis meds may help me lol. I’ve been known to share my tramadol and methylprednisone with her. I’m a lab tech and used to work for a doc office so I just know enough to be dangerous bahaha. I’m going to talk to the vet. Thanks


  3. Diana Pfender

    I just lost my 13 year old Pomeranian, Roxxie, to Dementia. 🙁 But my 13 year old Cairn terrier, Tinker, is going like gang busters, thank GOD! I think it depends on the breed, food (FROMM), supplements (daily vitamin & glucosamine chondroitin) and LOTS of prayers.
    We’ll keep Gordon in our daily prayers.