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My first pet was Herbie the Teddy Bear Hamster. I loved Herbie dearly, but, being a kid, I wasn’t the most responsible pet owner. One day, after cleaning Herbie’s cage, I forgot to put one of the little silver discs that covered the exit tubes to his Habitrail back into place. Actually, I think I did that a lot. Herbie had quite a reputation as an escape artist, but looking back on it, maybe it was my 8 year-old housekeeping skills that gave him the keys to freedom once a month. Maybe Houdini wasn’t such a great escape artist – maybe he just had a real birdbrain of an assistant. “Darn, did I forget to take the keys away from you again, Mr. Houdini? I’m sorry….”

Anyway, Herbie’s Habitrail was on top of a file cabinet, and while Herbie was smart enough to find the new escape hatch, he wasn’t smart enough to realize flinging himself off a 5-foot file cabinet could be detrimental to his little rodent health. Maybe he had delusions that he was a flying squirrel. If you were a Teddy Bear Hamster, dreaming that you were a flying squirrel might be pretty commonplace.

This particular time Herbie must have landed on his head, because although we found him later in one piece, setting up new living accommodations in a pile of laundry, shortly after this THING started growing on the side of his little hamster head. The lump got bigger and bigger until he was pretty much stumbling around like a drunk and then died. Or at least I think he died. I know my mother has a history of dispatching pets she feels have run their course (I’ll tell you about the hermit crabs and Benjamin Franklin my mouse that she “freed” to the wild during the dead of winter some time.)

I think Herbie would like this little widget I found . Maybe you can help me keep this one alive. Click on it to feed him!

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  1. Amy Vansant

    Ah the age old question…an old Buddhist Koan, isn’t it? What is the sound of one hand clapping… can you put a teddy bear hamster and dwarf hamster together…

    Nice hamster blog… but cut that out, you’re going to make me want to get a hamster again!



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