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3 Responses

  1. Sarcastic Ninja

    Sounds like some fun reads! Also I am going to remember that Free Money treasure map ploy for any future book marketing campaigns.


    • Harlan C. Verdie

      Thanks so much for the interview with Nick Tory. I stumbled upon this blog when searching for interviews with self-published authors of humorous books. Of course I bought Johnny 12 Steps and read it this morning on the train to my 9-5 job. My train friends – who I only know by first name since, well, I only know them from the train – all wondered what I was reading that caused me to laugh out loud. I read a couple of paragraphs and now there may be a few more sales coming Nick’s way.

      So Nick, you go ahead and pocket that 29 cent royalty and you’re welcome for maybe another $1.45 coming your way thanks to the Rock Island commuter line in Chicago. Of course now I have to buy the next 3 books on Johnny too…

      And Nick, these stories should be made into a movie. Just hold out for than 99 cents for the rights!