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It was crazy expensive, but check out my new standing desk.

It actually works really well, for what it lacks in style… If I’m still using it in a week or two I might break down and buy an actual standing desk. When I posted this on Facebook, some one posted this TriGear Premier 81 Adjustable Height & Angle Options Laptop Desk Stand  from Amazon, which is only $25, which seems pretty reasonable for something that very well may end up in my closet with my under-desk bike!

The rest of this post is about a bunch of great deals on my Pineapple Port series and the new release, so if you’re a long time fan and have already read them all, please go get a sandwich… or scroll down to the BIG KINDLE UNLIMITED GIVEAWAY!


New Release in the Best Selling Pineapple Port Mystery Series – .99 for a limited time… and Book #1 FREE!

For those of you not familiar with my Pineapple Port Mystery Series — it includes all the charm of the cozies you’re used to, with an extra wallop of thrills and slightly darker than the coziest of cozies.
“I’ve come to the conclusion there is an evil genius hiding inside Amy Vansant. She has once again written an amusing, convoluted mystery that kept me guessing right up to the last page.” – Reader of the Pack

Pineapple Beach House: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Five (Pineapple Port Mysteries 5)

NEW RELEASE! Pineapple Disco: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Six (Pineapple Port Mysteries 6) 

$0.00 kindle unlimited logo $0.99 to buy FOR A LIMITED TIME!
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Or get started with book one: Pineapple Lies for FREE!



Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book One (Pineapple Port Mysteries 1)Pineapple Lies: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book One (Pineapple Port Mysteries 1) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo FREE to Buy for a Limited Time!

Audible | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Book one of the laugh-out-loud mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant. If Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and the Golden Girls had a baby, it would be the Pineapple Port series!

It’s bad enough finding a body in your back yard—especially when foul play is pretty much a certainty. But when you discover the bones are somebody’s long-missing mom, it’s tragic. And if that person is the hottest guy in town, you’ve just made the world’s worst first impression!

Charlotte Morgan’s got every reason to take an intensely personal interest, even if solving a murder’s a bit of a stretch for a 26-year-old amateur sleuth raised in a 55-plus Florida community–golf-cart racing’s usually about as exciting as it gets for her. But things are heating up in her world, and not just in the romance department. The hot guy’s uncle is Charlotte’s number one suspect. He’s debonair, he’s mysterious, he’s just a little too slick—and he’s dating a friend of Charlotte’s. If she doesn’t step up, who knows what could happen?

In Amy Vansant’s first Pineapple Port cozy mystery, quips get flung and puns get slung, making for a hilarious read, but even better, Pineapple Port’s just a place you want to hang out. Charlotte’s a pretty unique female protagonist, being the only chick, as a friend observes, in a roomful of hens, but Pineapple Port is a wonderful character in itself, as much a parallel universe as Hogwarts, with its own exotic customs and quirks. People have nicknames like Jenny Teacup (because she collects tea sets), exercise comes in the form of water aerobics, and Poolside Breakfast is a big social event. Vansant has perfect pitch when it comes to her human characters as well. No one can mention a restaurant without someone saying, “They have the best French toast!”

The Pineapple Port Mystery Series is perfect for fans of those reassuringly cozy mysteries set in small towns, from Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple right on through Carolyn Hart and up to Jana DeLeon. If you happen to like romantic comedy, or even just funny mysteries—especially those with intrepid women sleuths– you’ll devour it!

Pineapple Mystery Box: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Two (Pineapple Port Mysteries 2) Pineapple Mystery Box: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Two

$0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy
Audible | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

When a giant inflatable Halloween witch goes missing in the Pineapple Port retirement community, Charlotte’s eager to nab the culprit. Before she can lift a fingerprint, someone threatens to kill a new neighbor who looks like an adorable Pomeranian but possesses a disturbing talent for revenge. Moments later, a stranger demands the return of a mysterious wooden box… or else.
Charlotte’s boyfriend, Declan, isn’t having a great morning either. His calculating ex-girlfriend has returned to claim she’s the rightful owner of his pawn shop. She’s livid he’s found a new lady, too.
Eh. Things could be worse. At least Charlotte doesn’t know that a mojito-swilling killer who fed his grandmother to a cat is on his way to Pineapple Port…

Pineapple Puzzles: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Three (Pineapple Port Mysteries 3)
Pineapple Puzzles: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Three

$0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

Audible | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

The infamous Puzzle Killer returns to Charity, Florida, in search of a rival murderer, and when two serial killers battle, Charlotte, Declan, Seamus and a naked cat find themselves on the chopping block!

Pineapple Land War: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Four (Pineapple Port Mysteries 4) Pineapple Land War: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Four $2.99

Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

When real estate tycoon Bucky Bloom is found stuck to the end of a sailboat mast, a land war erupts in Pineapple Port! Charlotte is commissioned to solve Bucky’s murder, but soon finds herself embroiled in a competition masterminded by Declan’s crazy ex, the ever-nefarious Stephanie.

Pineapple Beach House: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Five (Pineapple Port Mysteries 5) Pineapple Beach House: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Five $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

The Pineapple Port crew takes a road trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, only to discover “body bits” in their vacation home. The nursing home next door is run by some suspicious characters and one of their residents is missing.

Pineapple Beach House: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Five (Pineapple Port Mysteries 5) Pineapple Disco: A Pineapple Port Mystery: Book Six (Pineapple Port Mysteries 6) 

$0.00 kindle unlimited logo $0.99 to buy FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU (prices may vary in markets outside the US)


“Amy is one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend all of her books. No matter what genre she writes in, she manages to create books that demand that the pages be immediately turned to find out what happened,because you really care about the characters.” – Dianne Harman, USA Today and Amazon Chart #1 Bestselling Author

Humor, thrills and mystery abound in the SIXTH Pineapple Port Mystery. Charlotte, the 55+ community’s young female sleuth is thrust into a thrilling struggle to survive when her friend Jackie’s underground “mature” disco is infiltrated by violent criminals intent on claiming the club as their own.

Even more frightening — the ridiculously vengeful Gloria is back and on the warpath after a playful suitor goes missing.

Charlotte must search for the connection between the two cases with the help of Declan, whose own secret past with crazy, serial killer-spawn Stephanie is beginning to show…

Fans of female-sleuth authors like Jana Deleon, Lilian Jackson Braun, Gina Lamanna and Janet Evanovich will love the Pineapple Port series’ abundant humor and clever plots — as well as Charlotte’s sharp intellect and the love and loyalty she holds for the wacky 55+ community who raised her.


Book Steals and Deals

Start Date: 05-29-2018End Date: 05-31-2018

A Liar’s Death: (A Detective Jackson Mystery )

By L.J. Sellers

Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: New Release

When a woman is murdered with her own food product, Detective Jackson takes the case—even though his brother is hospitalized with a strange illness and his heart is torn between two women. A Peeping Tom neighbor quickly surfaces as an obvious suspect, but when a second woman with similar looks is strangled, the task force fears they’re dealing with a serial killer. The evidence soon turns to one obvious connection—Jackson’s brother, Derrick, who had dated both women. Jackson is forced to take a sideline in the investigation, while his teammates interrogate Derrick and track down leads. Yet everything they uncover creates a new twist, and when a young woman suddenly disappears, a new motive falls into place. But can the team find her in time to save her?

Start Date: 04-18-2018End Date: 06-18-2018

The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries: Books 1 – 3: An Accidental Murder, The Curse of Arundel Hall, A Clerical Error

By J. New

Usual Price: New Release Sale: FREE on Kindle Unlimited

This Omnibus eBook edition contains the first three books in The yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries.Miss Marple meets The Ghost Whisperer in this charming British mystery series set in the 1930’s.Includes:AN ACCIDENTAL MURDER (Book 1)When a strange child follows her home on the train from London, Ella Bridges feels bound to help her. However she soon discovers the child is not what she seems.Having recently moved into a large home on Linhay Island, affectionately known locally as The Yellow Cottage, Ella finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation thanks to a special gift from the previous house owner.Along with her unusual sidekick, a former cottage resident, Ella follows clues which take her to the heart of London. As the mystery unravels she is forced to enter the lion’s den to solve the crime and stop the perpetrator. But can she do it before she becomes the next victim? THE CURSE OF ARUNDEL HALL (Book 2)One ghost, one murder, one hundred years apart. But are they connected?Ella has discovered a secret room in The Yellow Cottage, but with it comes a ghost. Who was she? And how did she die? Ella needs to find the answers before either of them can find peace. But suddenly things take a nasty turn for the worse.Ella Bridges has been living on Linhay Island for several months but still hasn’t discovered the identity of her ghostly guest. Deciding to research the history of her cottage for clues she finds it is connected to Arundel Hall, the large Manor House on the bluff, and when an invitation to dinner arrives realises it is the perfect opportunity to discover more.However the evening takes a shocking turn when one of their party is murdered. Is The Curse of Arundel Hall once again rearing its ugly head, or is there a simpler explanation? Ella suddenly finds herself involved in two mysteries at once, and again joins forces with Scotland Yard’s Police Commissioner to try and catch a killer. But will they succeed?A CLERICAL ERROR (Book 3)When the crime scene is pure coincidence and there’s no evidence, how do you prove it was murder?Ella Bridges faces her most challenging investigation so far when the vicar dies suddenly at the May Day Fete. But with evidence scarce and her personal life unravelling in ways she could never have imagined, she misses vital clues in the investigation.Working alongside Sergeant Baxter of Scotland Yard, will Ella manage to unearth the clues needed to catch the killer before another life is lost? Or will personal shock cloud her mind and result in another tragedy?

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