Hurricane Blows By, Win a Kindle Reader & More Deals

Hurricane Dorian Blew By

After days of waiting to see what happened, for South Florida, hurricane Dorian ended up being more mild than a lot of our regular old summer storms. We tend to deal with stress with humor, so did some drills the day before for practice:

But in the end all we got was The Picture of Dorian Gray:

Though we did notice one tree missing in our view. I’d taken a bunch of BEFORE photos so we could see what the world looked like after by comparison.

But while we got off easy, the poor Bahamas were obliterated. I can’t imagine a Cat 5 hurricane just sitting on top of us for over a day—things would have been very different than one missing tree and a bunch of leaves in the pool. If you’re looking to help, there is a good list of places you can donate in most major newspapers. BEWARE! I’m sure a lot of scammers will pop up trying to take advantage of people’s goodwill, so be sure to only donate to links you found through trusted sources.


You can see the devastation here:



I’ve got a special “follow authors on Bookbub” event going on — just follow these authors below and for each one you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Kindle Reader!

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Follow Us on BookBub!

Follow Us on BookBub!

Follow Us on BookBub!

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Follow Us on BookBub!!

And if you are a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited – there’s a big KU fair going on here for cozy mysteries and crimes!


Start Date: 09-03-2019End Date: 09-09-2019

Mito (Medical Kidnap Files Book 1)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: .99

In a tale ripped from the headlines, award-winning author P.D. Workman brings you Gabriel Tate’s harrowing story.Gabriel has dealt with mysterious medical issues his whole life. Just when he finally thought that they had all of the answers and he was on the road to good health, he is apprehended by DFS on the grounds of medical neglect.At first, he thought that he would be back home in a few days, once the misunderstanding was cleared up. But when Renata tells Gabriel her crazy conspiracy theories, Gabriel feels the first pangs of doubt. Is there really a conspiracy? Will he ever be able to get well and go back to his mother, or is he doomed to be another guinea pig for Doctor De Klerk?Repeat winner of School Library Journal’s In the Margins awards, Mito will open your eyes to a dark secret that the medical community would rather you didn’t know.

Start Date: 09-03-2019End Date: 09-04-2019


By Janet Pywell

Usual Price: 1.99 Sale: .99

“A thoroughly enjoyable read – Janet is a natural storyteller who creates compelling characters. Highly recommended.”

“Excellent follow up to The Golden Icon – another strong storyline and great characters. Pacy and gripping, really enjoyed it. Look

Amy Vansant

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  1. Anne

    Hey, whoa, you didn’t do your drills “for nothing”. You are better prepared for the next time – hopefully it won’t come, but just in case.


  2. Lisa

    I’m not a very lucky person. I never win anything. Here’s hoping I can win a Kindle.



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