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I Am the Turtle Whisperer

My mother called me a “turtle magnet” because after bombarding her with pictures of Shelby, who lives in my backyard (though granted, Shelby is a tortoise…) I bumped into this mama green turtle heading back to sea after dropping her egg-shaped kids off.

I took videos both landscape and portrait below so you can watch her drag herself back to the ocean. Sometimes I complain because my husband likes to start walking at first light and I’m usually trying to work then, but now I see the advantage of going to the beach early! Jupiter has been having a nearly record-breaking year for turtle nests (green, loggerhead and leatherback) — we’re looking forward to Aug-Oct. when the babies will start marching after their mamas!

Then the very next day I filmed this little guy making his way into the water…but then realized my video wasn’t running like I thought it was so all I have to show for it is this one still shot. That was some Oscar winning stuff too. Dang it.

But in case you think my life is just filled with magical turtle adventures now… there’s this… SEA LICE??!


(2) Winners of eBook “Gift Baskets of ALL books pictured!
(20+) Winners of individual ebooks or paperbacks
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Be sure to checkout this giveaway — I’ve included a gallery of the author’s pets and their books!


Start Date: 07-03-2019End Date: 11-01-2019

Guilt: A Passion Patrol Novel – Police Detective Fiction Books With a Strong Female Protagonist Romance

By Emma Calin

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: FREE

Gunfire….  …A police dog is down.  Lonely dog handler Helen carries the guilt of survivor. Star singer and single father Marco is too guilty to sing.   Both are too guilty to love.    They meet as an innocent animal fights for life.  Perhaps a hope is born?  Terror fanatics close in on London, their target the Queen. A cop must follow her orders. A father must protect his child.  Love breaks laws and hearts.  Follow the lust and drama.  Let go of the guilt. Enjoy the thrill of the action. Follow Marco and Helen to the climax of passion. Hold on for the ride to the triumph of love.  Another stand-alone story in Emma Calin’s ‘Seduction Series’, combining thrilling crime mystery with steamy suspense romance.  Get it now.

Start Date: 06-21-2019End Date: 09-21-2019

Vegan Baked Alaska (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 9)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: New Release

“At least you won’t be stumbling over any bodies on an Alaskan cruise.”

Mary Lou couldn’t have been more wrong. Of course Erin Price, gluten-free baker extraordinaire, would stumble over a body on the cruise she had won in the Fall Fair.

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3 Responses

  1. Christie

    Lol! Sea lice.. made me think of space heroes. Bahahaha


    • Brenda Williams

      I have lived in Florida all my life and never heard of sea lice until recently! If I had not read it I would have thought somebody was pulling my leg! Also, I love turtles of all types! I have had several different species over the years!


  2. Andrea Rott

    Amy! I had no idea you live right “around the corner” from me and love hanging out with “my turtles” in Jupiter. I walked up A-1-A listening to Pineapple Beach House, imagining every locale and howled at their antics! Is Jupiter your setting?? This is awesome! Now I HAVE to get the whole series! Thank you, Amy!



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