I Got Fan Art!

Oh I’m so excited! So this goes under the “things that make me giggly” section…

Harrison Wheeler (@wheelerharrison – Twitter and his web site) made me fan art! (At least I’m calling it “fan art” dammit, he might have just been bored and my tweet was the first tweet he saw.)


While this does give me that pang I get when I wish I could draw, I love it!  So go visit his site and check out his other wonderfully quirky cartoons – He’s got some fabulously demented things like this:


And hey, buy his book: Jesters Incognito: Live Like a King. Hire a Jester.or something. (I’m going to, all the kids are doing it.)


Thanks Harrison!

Amy Vansant

4 Responses

  1. Raymond

    Fun stuff! You are officially a celebrity! Be careful though, where there’s fan art a restraining order can’t be far behind.


  2. Abby

    I’m so jealous, as all I get are spam emails that tell me “Hey man! Very kindly great information. Enlarge your penis and very smart words for my cousin in Nigeria.”

    Plus, I wish I could computer draw. Those blogs get all the fan mail…


  3. Damien

    No Fair! You get cool art and I get Russian Spam and a love note from a guy named Steve!



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