I’m writing Kilty, but Pineapple is stalking me…Beach Read Giveaway & Deals

When your books stalk you…

I’m currently working on the fifth Kilty book… but Pineapple Port (who I was kind enough to write two in a row for…) is acting like a jealous lover. First of all, I moved to a neighborhood with an HOA, and one of the few approved lights is this one:

How could I not get it?

Then Etsy sent me a note saying because I’d looked at them before I might want to know about these silver pineapple earrings… which I did… so I bought them… I hate how smart online marketing is these days. We can literally look at something on one site and end up with ads about that thing on every site we visit for months…

If you like them too, you can find them here. They’re sterling silver and only $20!

And then the other day Mike and I were talking a walk on the beach and spotted this just sitting there…watching me…

How is that possible?

Did my Pineapple Port series ask for advice from my Slightly Stalky series??

Did I show you the sign I see every day when I drive into my new neighborhood?



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5 Responses


    So it’s true Amy, these stories tell themselves through you. In my world we call these signs synchronisity and, yes, you are being stalked. Just write their stories and everyone will be safe and happy. ~Katherine


  2. Sandra Brown

    I read the Pineapple Port stories as soon as they come out and am awaiting your next one. Keep up the good work!
    I hope the stalkers are all friendly reminders that we need more stories. Thanks for the great characters and craziness.


  3. Cheryl

    Oh I love those pineapples everywhere! What an adorable sign you see everyday.


  4. Jeanine

    Probably just the universe telling you it’s time to buckle down and get another Pineapple Port story going!!


  5. Nancy

    I want more pineapple mysteries please. They are hard to put down but I’m caught up and would love more.



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