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Making your own candles at home is a fulfilling hobby enjoyed by the Amish and people in Christmas sweaters worldwide.  Candles make great holiday gifts that say: “I think enough of you to give you the gift of light and love. And bits of cat fur that were trapped in the mold. Mr. Mittens like to see what I’m up to!  HA! But seriously, sorry about the fur.”

They may be sexy, but those glass jars from Yankee Candle just don’t talk to people the way homemade candles do. Even if they do have inspiring names like “Christmas at the Beach” which is like sun, sand, presents AND trees all in one! CRAZY! (except in the Southern Hemisphere where it is really quite common.)

Learning to make your own candles is easy, but it is also easy to fall into the age-old trap of creating familiar scents like pine and cinnamon. Anyone can make a vanilla candle. Think outside the beehive patterned mold. What if you could create happiness and emotional health with your candles?

Ask yourself: What does burning happiness smell like? 

Here are some inspiring ideas for your next candle making project.

Skittles Candle – Skittles let you “taste the rainbow,”  so what could be better than a candle that smells like Skittles, so you can “smell the rainbow?” I think we can agree nothing is happier than a rainbow. With the possible exception of a kitten riding a unicorn. Creating a Skittles candle in a mold shaped like a kitten on a unicorn could be the ultimate happiness candle. Think about it.

Whiskers on Kittens Candle – Speaking of kittens, everyone agrees whiskers on kittens are delightful. Kittens without whiskers are those freaky Sphynx cats that look like my grandmother’s elbow. (Though Sphynx cats do not shed, so if you’re going to be making a lot of candles they might be worth considering.) Either way, whiskers on kittens are enchanting, but burning whiskers aren’t as wonderful. You can get around this problem by creating a candle that LOOKS like a kitten by embedding pipe cleaners on either side. A scent like catnip or tuna completes the experience.

Baby Candle – Little gives people more joy than a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the practice of rendering down extra children into candles has been outlawed since 1835, female children since 1965. It would be a really happy candle though.

Julie Andrews Candle – Few people bring sunshine to our lives like American treasure Julie Andr—  What’s that? She’s British?  Oh.  Never mind.

Angela Lansbury Candle – Few people bring sunshine to our lives like American treasure Angela Lans— What? Born in LondonSeriously?

Doris Day Candle – Few people bring sunshine to our lives like American treasure Doris Day. No one can be exactly sure what Doris Day smells like, but it is safe to assume it’s a combination of chocolate chip cookies, Tang and Rock Hudson’s trailer.

Wealth Candle  – Nothing makes people happier than money. Though YOU chose not to spend any money on this homemade gift, money scented candles can make giftees feel rich in their nose.  The scent can be achieved with a combination of ink, paper, stripper sweat and Evil Root, which can be found at most magic shops.

Childhood Innocence – The happiest times of our lives occurred during the innocence of childhood. (Unless you were an orphan forced to stitch soccer balls for food.) Creating a candle that smells like glue and permanent markers will bring friends and family back to their glorious days in kindergarten, when milk boxes could talk and moving your tiny hands left a trail of purple sparkles.

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11 Responses

  1. Lance

    oatmeal raisin cookie candle – I mean right out of the damn oven smell…awesome

    my wife/kids right after they get out of the bath or shower candle – whatever they put in their hair is heavenly

    whiskey candle – Jamesons or really anything Irish, mmmm


  2. Abby

    I’m pretty sure Whiskers on Kittens would smell like wet cat food, but then again, so might the Doris Day and Angela Lansbury candles. Anyway, vodka doesn’t have a scent, so I’ll go with Burning Leaves and steamed brown basmati rice. Get on that, if you could. Thanks.


  3. Amy B

    I feel the childhood innocence could also transition into “Troublemaking Teens” bc of the closeness to huffing it provides for all who burn it… How efficient!


  4. Duncan

    Right Out Of The Dryer candle! Just use a few drops of Gain detergent and mix with a little Downey!


  5. Basia

    Freshly mowed lawn candle.
    Waffle cake candle.
    Sunscreen candle (day at the beach).
    Burn cabbage roll candle (Christmas at my house).


  6. Amy Vansant

    I like that last one. I could do “Rolls left in the oven unnoticed until we’re cleaning up at the end of the meal” for Mom’s Christmas.



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